Pictures of the petechiae rash. This can be a sign of a life-threatening disease! (From a slideshow of 12 common childhood rashes.) | The Survival Doctor

Photo of baby by Jacob Johan on Flickr. Photo of child’s leg by Care_SMC on Flickr.


(possible sign of a serious disease, such as meningitis or sepsis)

Signs: The flat splotches look like tiny blood blisters or red splotches under the skin. They don’t itch or fade when you press on them. They’re usually small but sometimes large. The large marks may turn purple. This rash doesn’t itch and can start anywhere on the body. (The baby in the top picture is jaundiced—has yellowish skin—for another medical reason. Children with petechiae won’t necessarily have jaundice.)

In most cases, get medical help if at all possible and as quickly as possible. Learn more here (rash 7) and, for a dangerous cause called Henoch-Schonlein purpura, here (rash 5).

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Note: These are just examples. The rash may appear differently, and it’s easy to confuse one rash for another.