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If the Bleeding Continues …

Even in the best of circumstances, sometimes the vessel won’t stop bleeding until it’s been cauterized, or even surgically fixed.

Until you can get to a doctor, the only other thing you might do is consider the underlying causes, such as:

  • Blood thinners. You may have to decide what’s the more dangerous risk—stopping the aspirin or Coumadin or continuing to bleed.
  • High blood pressure. If your pressure is high, avoid salt, and you may have to up your medicine.
  • Dry nasal lining. Smoking can contribute to this, so stop, and try to stay away from the smoke of any campfire. If you’re inside, a bowl of water can help humidify the air, as can a commercial humidifier if you have electricity.
  • Anemia. Not much you can do about this unless you have an iron supplement. Even then, it’s going to be weeks before it makes a difference, assuming your anemia is from iron deficiency.

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Have you ever had a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop despite packing? What did you or the doctor have to do to get it to stop?

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