by James Hubbard, MD, MPH

Last week, I demonstrated how to safely use a neti pot, a popular tool to clean your sinuses for allergy prevention and treatment. You just pour specially prepared water into one nostril, and it comes out the other one.

But there’s an advanced sinus irrigation technique that’ll clean you out good and proper—without a neti pot. Your amazing, Roto-Rooter, nasal cleansing alternative? A cup.

The Best Way to Irrigate Your Sinuses (Without a Neti Pot) | The Survival DoctorI talk about this technique in the video above. I don’t demonstrate it. If you thought the neti pot one was unsavory …

Basically, you suck the solution up one nostril at a time, and it comes out of your mouth. This method gets more deeply into your sinuses that the neti pot one. The trade-off is it can be messier, and the water can kind of choke you until you get the hang of it. Just start slowly. It takes a little getting used to so you don’t suck a bit of water down your windpipe. Swallowing some is no big deal.

So check out the short video, and then let me know if you try this neti pot alternative. I’d love to hear how it goes.

P.S. To learn how to prepare safe water for sinus irrigation—with or without a neti pot—click here.

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