The Survival Doctor's Store and More

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH

Many people have asked where to find all the medical supplies I’ve mentioned in my posts. Well, you find them all over the place—some in pharmacies, others in outdoors stores, some in health-food stores, and still more in survival outlets.

Compiling an emergency medical kit can call for quite the time—and gas—commitment. So I set out to make life easier.

I searched Amazon, eBay, and other sites and developed my new online “store and more”—a one-stop shop plus supplies guide. In it, you don’t just get what to buy but why. I even share my personal experiences over the years with some of the supplies.

To make it as easy to use as possible, I structured the store into six user friendly sections:

  1. The basics: what everyone should have
  2. Additional supplies for your backpack or bug-out bag
  3. Additional supplies for your car
  4. Intermediate supplies: what to consider after you have the basics
  5. Advanced supplies: for if you have advanced skills or wish to make a mini-clinic
  6. Water and food

I think you’ll see that you have some of these items already, so all you have to do is add the ones you don’t have.

For about $200, give or take, depending on taxes and shipping (probably less, if you already have some of the items), you can stock a very adequate supply of emergency equipment for about any disaster. Add around $250 for over-the-counter medicines, and you’re set. Again, you may already have some of the medicines, so just add what you need.

I hope you find the store helpful and user friendly. Even if you don’t buy the items through it, at least you’ll know the types of things I recommend getting. Please tell me what you think of the store so I can improve on it in the weeks to come. Go ahead, check it out! There’s no pressure, and there’s no telling what you’ll discover.