by James Hubbard, MD, MPH

Today, I’m launching my first ever big holiday survival sale.

There are personalized gifts for under $20 plus deep discounts on training.

Has taking a great first aid or wilderness survival course been on your to-do list? Why not make 2015 the year of getting it done? With these specials, you could even take my course with a friend.

If some of The Survival Doctor products are on your own Christmas list, now’s the time to tell friends and family about them. They can get them for you at a discount, so, you know, you’d be doing them a favor by letting them know, right?

But don’t delay. That snail mail can be a bit overwhelmed during this time of year, and the sale is for a limited time only. In fact, I don’t know when I’ll offer these deals on the training course again, if ever.

Feel good about your purchase!
Thank you for supporting a small business made in the USA.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Back when I was in medical school, my family used to come back to visit my parents on Thanksgiving. After stuffing myself silly, I would get together with some of my high school friends to play some very competitive touch football. Not a good idea. I could relate many an injury I sustained during those games, but still, the memories are fantastic.

If you’re traveling this year, especially in cold weather and on icy roads, don’t forget your emergency supplies—enough for everyone in the car. If you have my travel-sized First Aid book or Duct Tape 911, don’t forget to bring them too.

May you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving.

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