The Top 10 Most Popular Winter Safety Tipsby James Hubbard, MD, MPH

Here in Colorado, we’ve already had some really cold days and then some sneaky mild ones. Sneaky because I get all comfortable going out with a light jacket one day; the next, the sky is clear, and it looks the same—from the inside. I walk out, and bam, it’s biting cold. Or the day is pretty mild and the night is freezing.

Winter is upon us, and I have this sneaky feeling it’s going to get colder before it gets warmer.  So I went back and reviewed my previous posts for winter safety tips (hey, sometimes even I don’t remember every detail I’ve written). And below I’ve linked to the 10 most popular ones for 2014.

Even if you’ve read them, I’d suggest you, like me, could benefit from a review, to get you ready for the upcoming cold. And even if you live in a warm climate, check out number eight for sure.

10. How to Walk in the Snow Without Falling (Much)

9. Low Body Temperature: More Than Frostbite (and More Dangerous)

8. Why Winter Heart Attacks Are More Common No Matter the Weather (and What You Can Do)

7. How to Keep Winter Skin Seasoned Like a Cast-Iron Skillet

6. Carbon Monoxide: How Your Choice of Heat Can Kill You

5. Symptoms of Hypothermia, or Why You Might Strip in the Snow

4. How Cold Weather Affects Your Heart (and What to Do About It)

3. 47 Ways You’re Preparing for Winter Survival This Year

2. Readers Respond: 11 More Winter Supplies to Keep in Your Car

1. The Survival Doctor’s Winter Car-Supplies List