Assign Me a Post: What’s Your Biggest Survival-Medicine Worry? | The Survival Doctorby James Hubbard, MD, MPH

Picture the time you’re preparing for: you can’t get professional medical care for a few days—or longer. Maybe you’re hiking or homesteading off the grid. Or a snowstorm has shut down roads, or an earthquake has caused mass casualties.

Or maybe you’re living in a long-term disaster situation that’ll keep society out of commission for a while.

When you think of this scenario, what’s your number-one fear, survival medicine-wise?

Next month marks four years since I started During that time, you and I have covered a lot of topics together. We’ve talked about broken bones and make-do supplies, disinfecting water, and dealing with chronic diseases. We’ve put the latest media scares into context, and we’ve discussed age-old ailments that have come back around. We’ve shared knowledge and experiences and learned from each other.

As we start year five together, I want to know: What’s still bugging you the most?

What disease worries you? What injury gives you goose bumps? What supply are you most scared of being without? Do you wonder about how to triage? Do you worry you’ll freak out at the sight of blood?

Please share your number-one survival medicine concern in the comments section below. I’ll come to this post for inspiration for what to write about in the coming year. Within a few months, hopefully we’ll have many of these questions discussed.

As you brainstorm, here are two notes:

  1. Please keep the topic general. I unfortunately can’t give personal advice or make a diagnosis. Please see your health care provider for that.
  2. I’ve covered a number of ailments already, so you may want to do a site search (box in the upper right) or check out the abbreviated disorders list in the sidebar to the left. (I often get asked to write about diabetes, for example, but I have a number of posts about that here.) If you find the topic you’re looking for but a lingering question remains, let me know what you’d like expanded on.

If someone else posts an idea you like, you can upvote it (click the up arrow below the post) to tell me you’re interested in it too. I look forward to reading what you have to say, and I’ll try to address as many requested topics as I can in the months to come.