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Welcome to the premium affiliate program for my biggest product yet, The Survival Doctor’s Emergencies Training Course.

The Survival Doctor is one of the most trusted brands in the preparedness world. And for the first time, I’ve created a video-based, in-depth course to help people keep themselves and their loved ones alive during a medical emergency when they’re the only help around.

When you tell your readers, friends, and family about this course, you’ll make a commission of $29 to $149 for every single sale made from your affiliate link.

A Unique, Trustworthy Product

I’ve been a family doctor for over 30 years, much of that time in small towns and rural areas, where people learn to make do with what they have on hand. That’s what The Survival Doctor’s Emergencies Training Course is about: saving lives when you have to make do for a time without expert help—and feeling confident while doing it.

I spent over a year developing this training course. It allows students to advance their lifesaving skills and confidence to heights not possible with any other medical course for a general audience that I know of.

It fills a void for hunters, campers, preppers, and adventure travelers—people preparing for a time when expert help is delayed. This course is a unique combination of first-aid, wilderness, and survival courses, plus old-fashioned experience and know-how.

Here’s a sneak peek:

There are two levels of The Survival Doctor’s Emergencies Training Course: Lifesaver and Master.

  • Lifesaver students get unlimited access to in-depth, upbeat videos in which I teach lifesaving medical techniques in an easy-to-understand way. Suspenseful survival scenarios show what to do in real life-situations. The students get convenient downloads (including quizzes and cheat sheets), a private Facebook group to connect and learn, and audio files for on-the-go review. And this is all for the price of a simple first-aid class.
  • Master students get everything Lifesaver students get plus five live, online, customized small-group workshops where we go more in-depth about lifesaving topics and get hands-on practice. They ask me questions live, and I even review their technique on video if they want. Plus, they get access to recordings of all future Master workshops—no limit—so they can stay up-to-date.

(Get more details about both levels here.)

About the Affiliate Program

The Survival Doctor's Emergencies Training Course: affiliate programWhen you join The Survival Doctor’s affiliate program (it’s easy!), you’ll receive a 30% commission for every person who purchases the course through your affiliate link.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • If just 10 people buy the Lifesaver level ($97 each), you make $291.
  • If just five people buy the Master level ($497 each), you make $745.50!

To join the affiliate program, click the link below. You’ll set up a quick account and then get access to your affiliate link. Easy as that!

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There’s no limit to the number of commissions you can make, and you don’t need to invoice me. You’ll get paid within 45 days.

Affiliate Graphics and Support

My team has created special graphics and product information for affiliates, to support you in spreading the word. Click here for those resources. Plus, you can always email me directly for support: TheSurvivalDoctor [at]

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Note: I offer students a two-week satisfaction guarantee. No commission will be paid on orders from students who request their money back during that time or for purchases made directly by affiliates. In affiliate marketing, spamming and misleading, inaccurate claims won’t be tolerated. Violators will no longer be allowed as affiliates and will not be paid their commissions. I reserve the right to remove anyone from the affiliate program for any reason.

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