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In today’s lightning-speed world, with websites, blogs, and videos, one age-old source of information stands strong: the book.

You can dive into a book’s in-depth information at your leisure, wherever you want. Its value is especially apparent when you’re preparing for disasters—times when there may not be an Internet for those websites and blogs.

I asked readers to recommend the best survival books out there. This list is the result. I’ve added a few of my favorites too. (Click the book covers to see them on Amazon.*)

This is an evolving database. Got a review or a favorite survival book of your own? Please add it in the comments section on this page. (I’d like to credit you, so if I add your comments here, I may include your name and a link to your website unless you tell me otherwise.)

These are not all personal recommendations; I don’t vouch for everything. This is a community compilation.

Have fun diving into some great survival-book reads. Browse them all below, or click on a topic to start:

Best General Disaster-Preparedness Books

Breathe No Evil: Tactical Guide to Biological and Chemical Terrorism
(Second Edition), by Stephen Quayle and Duncan Long
2001, Safe-Trek Publishing, 266 pages, prices vary

When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency
(Revised and Expanded), by Matthew Stein
2008, Chelsea Green Publishing, 493 pages, $35

Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios
by Lisa Bedford
2012, HarperOne, 336 pages, $19.99

Emergency Preparedness and More: A Manual on Food Storage and Survival
by Howard Godfrey
2011, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 334 pages, $19.95

This book is good for people just starting to prepare for emergencies, says Bonnie, a The Survival Doctor reader. The author “describes ways to improvise whenever possible. He delivers information in a way that you can understand and even gives reviews on actual products. His information on food storage, water and equipment is straight forward. He tells you about different regions and how to get and filter water, has pictures of different equipment he has made and tells you how to make it. A must read book.”

The Enlightened Prepper: The Complete How to Guide for Disaster Preparedness
by Survival Monk
2012, Amazon Digital Services Inc., 157 pages, $9.99 (for Kindle or computer)

Recommended by Tysn Beckholt, who calls it “Amazing!”

SAS Survival Guide: For Any Climate, for Any Situation
(Second Edition), by John Wiseman
2010, Collins Reference, 384 pages, $7.99


Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places
by Joel M. Skousin
2010, Swift Printing, $35 (out of print on Amazon; buy from other sellers there or author here.)

Recommended by Bill Bychowski, who says it has “some good things to consider.”

Best Medical-Preparedness Books

The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook: Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy in Every Disaster, From Wildfires to a Complete Societal Collapse
by Joseph Alton, MD, and Amy Alton, ARNP
2012, Doom and Bloom LLC, 440 pages, $34.99

Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide to 550 Key Herbs With All Their Uses As Remedies for Common Ailments
(Second Edition), by Andrew Chevallier
2000, DK Adult, 336 pages, $40

The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns: What to Do When There Is No Doctor
by James Hubbard, MD, MPH
2012, Hubbard Publishing LLC, 39 pages, $3.99. Use a reader other than your computer or a Kindle? Click here for other editions.

Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid
by James Hubbard, MD, MPH
2013, Living Ready, 192 pages, $12.99

The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds: What to Do When There Is No Doctor
by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H.
2012, Hubbard Publishing LLC, 66 pages, $3.99. Use a reader other than your computer or a Kindle? Click here for other editions.

Where There Is No Dentist
(13th Updated Printing), by Murray Dickson
1983, Hesperian Foundation, 283 pages, $14

Recommended by Nurse Laura, a The Survival Doctor reader.

Where There Is No Doctor
(Revised Edition), by David Warner, Jane Maxwell, and Carol Thuman
1992, Hesperian Foundation, 446 pages, $22

Best Fiction Survival Books

Alas, Babylon
by Pat Frank
1959 (original), Harper Perennial Modern Classics (reissued), 352 pages, $15.99

The Jakarta Pandemic
by Steven Konkoly
2010, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 464 pages, $16.99

Recommended by Lisa Bedford, a.k.a. The Survival Mom. Read her interview with the author here.

The Hunger Games trilogy
by Suzanne Collins
2008 (original), Scholastic Press (reprint), 384 pages, $10.99 for the first book

The Host: A Novel
by Stephenie Meyer
2008 (original), 864 pages, Little, Brown and Company (reprint), $9.99

Recommended by Leigh Ann Otte, who says: “In this novel, people survive in secret after aliens take over. I don’t know that there are a lot of survival tips, but it’s a suspenseful read and a look into what it might be like to live in hiding in close quarters with a big group of people.”

The Last Centurion
by John Ringo
2009, Baen, 608 pages, $7.99

This book “combines global cooling with a moderately lethal pandemic,” says Charles Stewart, MD, EMDM, MPH, director of the Oklahoma Urban Search and Rescue Task Force. It “describes the difference between adequate preparation for a pandemic and ‘progressive’ preparation for the same pandemic.”

One Second After
by William R. Forstchen
2011, Tor Books, 528 pages, $9.99

Recommended by Joseph Coda, who says the book details “how folks might survive (or not survive) after a terrorist EMP attack brings down the national power grid. One that I also like, that folks might not think of, is Last of the Breed, by Louis L’Amour—not so much for valuable information as for providing an inspiring example of what one man can do when all the odds are against him.”

Pulling Through
by Dean Ing
1955, Ace, 288 pages, prices vary

Recommended by David Rea, who says the book is “not only a great survival novel, but also has an appendix with step by step instructions for making devices which could save your butt in case of a nuclear war or accident.”

Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse
by James Wesley Rawles
2012, Ulysses Press, 384 pages, $24

also: Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse
by James Wesley Rawles
2012, Pocket Books, 496 pages, $7.99

Recommended by Dale Petersen, who says Patriots “takes you through making a group and selecting equipment and having a safe place. There are instances of what can happen and what they did to prepare for some instances. I thought it was a great read for fiction and what to do to prepare for collapse.” He hasn’t read Survivors yet but wants to soon.

The Pulse: A Novel of Surviving the Collapse of the Grid
by Scott B. Williams
2012, Ulysses Press, 400 pages, $14.95

The Road
by Cormack McCarthy
2006 (original), Vintage Books (reissued), 287 pages, $15

The Survivalist series
by Jerry Ahern
1981 (original), Speaking Volumes LLC (reissued), $14.95 for the first book

Best Survival Books for Kids

Little House on the Prairie series
by Laura Ingalls Wilder
1932 (original), HarperCollins (reissued), $6.99 each for the first two books

My Side of the Mountain series and handbook, by Jean Craighead George
1959 (original), Puffin Books (reissued), $6.99 for the first book

Recommended by Wendy Knight-Nutty, who says: “Great way for kids to get enthusiastic about this topic. Also, scouting handbooks are great for basic skills and are chock full of entertainment ideas that require no electricity. There are step by step directions for everything, making them accessible to everyone.”

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