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The Basics: Bones and Joints
Essential Medical Supplies Everyone Should Have


Welcome to my guide to survival-medicine supplies. Here are the types of supplies I think you should have and why I believe they’re important.

(I get a small percentage of the items you buy via this survival store. I’m not guaranteeing the quality of any of the products. They’re just the type I would pick if I were buying—and often I am.)


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Elastic Bandages:
3-inch or 4-inch, featuring Velcro or clips

These are great for sprains or to wrap around bandages or splints. I like the 3- or 4-inch sizes. If you need wider, use two. If you need smaller, fold it in half lengthwise. Just about any brand will do, but the least expensive tend to lose elasticity after a wash or two. I like the ones with Velcro on the end (left), but they’re more expensive. If you get the ones with clips (right), keep tape or a couple of safety pins handy for when you inevitably lose one of the clips.

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1 adult size and 1 child size if needed

To me, a sling is a sling. Just about any type will do. Caveats:

  • The sling on the left has a neck pad. That’s important. The sling will tend rub and irritate your neck, so you may want to choose that one. Or just use one without and make your own padding (middle).
  • Proper size is important, especially for small children (right).

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SAM Splint:
Splint or combo pack

A SAM Splint is a flat piece of padded aluminum alloy, and it’s so versatile. If you have only one splint it should be this. You can cut it to size for a finger, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, even a neck splint. It’s flexible, but crimping it down the middle makes it firm.

Buy it alone (left) or in a combo pack with Coban wraps (right), which I recommend you have anyway (see basic wound supplies.)


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