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Water and Food
Water and Food Survival Supplies


Welcome to my guide to survival-medicine supplies. Here are the types of supplies I think you should have and why I believe they’re important.

(I get a small percentage of the items you buy via this survival store. I’m not guaranteeing the quality of any of the products. They’re just the type I would pick if I were buying—and often I am.)


Reminder: Get water and nonperishable food for your bug-out bag, backpack, and car, in addition to your home.


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Store water for drinking and hygiene in case your regular source runs out. I recommend at least 2 gallons per person per day for three days minimum—preferably as much as you can store depending on how much room you have. Also get some to keep in your car, backpack, and bug-out bag. When it comes to brands, your pick is as good as mine.

Click here for bulk options from Amazon.

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A few drops of regular ol’ household chlorine bleach 5 percent (unscented) is great to disinfect water. However, chlorine will degrade over time. A 1 pound bag of calcium hypochlorite granules will last longer and is enough to treat a whole bunch of water.

There are two steps: Add 1 teaspoon of calcium hypochorite granules to 2 gallons of water. Mix well. You can store this for a few weeks before it starts degrading, but don’t drink it until you’ve diluted it much more. The second step is to add one part of this mixture to 100 parts of water you need to treat. That’s about 10 milliliters (2 teaspoons) to each liter (quart) of water—8 teaspoons for a gallon. Let this mixture sit about an hour before drinking.


The store below is a great option for stocking up. It sells a variety of emergency-preparedness foods.

Buy Discount EasyPrep

And here are some buy-in-bulk ideas from Amazon. These products are small, light, and individually packaged, so they may work especially well for the car, backpack, and bug-out bag.

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Water Filter

Look for a micropore water filter that guarantees the pores are no larger than one micron. At that size, the filter should be able to strain 99.9 percent of the germs you’re worried about except or viruses. Some of them are much smaller than one micron. So it’s best to combine a water filter with another disinfectant method: boiling or adding the right amount of chlorine or iodine.

If you can afford it, order a larger filter for home and a smaller sport bottle or two (with filter) for a backpack or bug-out bag.

Berkey and Sawyer make great water filters. Many of their containers also have their own brand of activated charcoal to remove many chemicals.

Here are some Sawyers you can order via Amazon.

And here’s a link to Berkey:
Berkey Water Filter



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