The Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook:
What to Do When Help Is NOT on the Way

It’s the worst snowstorm you can remember. The ice-covered streets are abandoned. You hear a boom in the distance, and your computer screen goes blank. Darkness. A crash and another bang from inside the house. In the hallway, your husband sits on the floor, soaked in blood. You dial 911, and all you get is a busy signal. Would you know what to do next?

The Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook will teach you just what you need to know to take care of yourself and your loved ones in the event you aren’t able to get professional medical help right away. Encompassing but going well beyond immediate first aid, the book covers:

  • how to put a dislocated joint back into place
  • how to prevent hypothermia when your heat has gone out
  • what to do for asthma when you don’t have your inhaler
  • whether you can really drink your own urine if you run out of water
  • what to feed your toddler if he has a fever and you have no medicine
  • and much more

Featuring more than 100 illustrations, along with quick quizzes and real-life examples, The Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook will take you step by step through the essentials of medical care during a crisis. Perhaps you’ve been stranded by a sudden storm when out camping. Maybe you live alone in a rural area, and can’t easily get to a doctor when you hurt your arm. Or you just want to make sure you and your family are prepared to safely weather the next Superstorm Sandy, polar vortex, tornado strike, heat wave, earthquake, or other natural disaster. Whatever your situation and your health needs, The Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook is your must-have medical resource.

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Duct Tape 911:
The Many Amazing Medical Things You Can Do to Tape Yourself Together

“If you like to camp or hike, if you have children or are into preparedness, YOU NEED THIS BOOK.”The Rural Economist

Duct tape, a lifesaver? Sure it is! In fact, it’s the number-one medical supply Dr. James Hubbard, aka The Survival Doctor, recommends always keeping on-hand for in-a-pinch fix-you-uppers.

Now, for the first time, he’s compiled his best duct-tape tips, plus never-before-published techniques, to give you the ultimate medical duct tape survival guide.

With Duct Tape 911, learn first-aid skills in an interesting new way, and get little-known tricks that will help you feel ready for whatever comes.

In this fascinating illustrated guidebook Dr. Hubbard reveals easy-to-follow instructions for how to use duct tape to:

  • Make eyeglasses—lenses and all
  • Remove a ring from a swollen finger and cactus spines from a foot
  • Make an ankle brace, wrist splint, and sling
  • Close a deep wound to prevent infection
  • Remove a wart
  • Protect your skin from waterborne diseases during a flood
  • Make a tourniquet
  • Stop a lung from collapsing
  • … and more!

This unique, do-it-yourself guide is for handymen and handywomen, survivalists and campers, knowledge buffs, health fanatics, and everyone who wants to be prepared.

After a natural disaster, while camping, or when the grid goes down, you may not have the best medical supplies. So get your hands on some duct tape, and tape yourself together!


“The book is fun! It’s full of information and illustrations on how you can use duct tape for all kinds of emergencies.”

“Dr. Hubbard has done his homework and it really shows. The tips he shares are terrific and even makes you think about what you have in your house that you can use in an emergency.”
Food Storage Moms

“We’ll be stashing a copy of this book in our first aid kit, and I’d recommend you do the same as well.”
Are We Crazy, Or What?

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Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid

Great for Travel, Hiking, Camping!
Being prepared for an emergency situation is the first step in ensuring you come through it!

The Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid teaches you basic first aid to prevent and treat the most common health threats and injuries faced during a 72-hour survival situation, including dehydration, exposure, foot injuries, fractures and sprains, and flesh wounds. You’ll find a detailed packing list for a survival first-aid kit designed to get the person from the site of an injury, disaster, or emergency to safety. The kit is ideal for cars, bug-out bags, hiking packs, and extreme sports. Text is presented in clear step-by-step instructions with quick tips and checklists.

The compact size of this pocket guide (5″ x 7″) is perfect for storing it with your first-aid kits. It is THE first-aid book to have, going well beyond typical first-aid manuals.


“Anyone could benefit by having a copy, or several copies of Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid; in fact it would make a great gift idea for that hard to buy for person who seems to have everything.” —Survivor Jane

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The Survival Doctor’s Guides
Interactive E-Book Series

No more flipping through pages for what you need during an emergency. These interactive e-books are designed to be disaster-ready. Click on the section you need, then follow the directions, and click for further instruction depending on what your specific problems are.

And because they’re e-books, you can easily take them with you to work, on the trail and on vacation. Just bring your e-reader, and knowledge is at your fingertips.

The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds

Learn how to stop bleeding, prevent infection, and deal with complications. Clear, easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions will guide you through how to treat the most common wounds, along with stab wounds, animal bites, and more. For visual learners, The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds also includes links to exclusive videos that demonstrate some of the techniques.

Read a free excerpt.

Listen to an interview with Dr. Hubbard with urban survivalist Aaron Frankel.

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The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns

Your child stumbles into a campfire in the wilderness. You’re scorched by a fire after a terrorist attack. Boiling water spills onto your arm as you prepare it for drinking. And you can’t get to a doctor./p>

Would you know what to do?

In The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns, you’ll learn:

  • The first, most important thing to do immediately to minimize any burn’s impact.
  • Early signs of killer complications so you can nip them in the bud.
  • The only way to get skin to grow back on a serious burn—an advanced technique taught to medical experts almost exclusively.
  • How to make your own burn dressings using honey and rags.
  • Which plant soothes burns best and how to make it last by extracting the most gel from the leaves.
  • And more ….

Read a free excerpt.

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Reviews of The Survival Doctor’s Guides

“One of the things that I really enjoyed about the book is that it was very easy to read; it was very approachable.”
—Aaron Frankel, Urban Survival Podcast

I actually feel like I learned something!… At $3.99 each, “you gain a wealth of information that can be accessed on your computer, smart phone, and even printed for later reference. Heck, that’s about the cost of a cafe latte at Starbucks.”
—Damian Brindle,

“You will not find any complicated medical jargon: Both are easy to read and understand, non-alarming and very informative. … [T]hey are well worth the price.”
—Bernie Carr,The Apartment Prepper’s Blog

“Fantastic stuff and super easy to understand with his explanation. These books only cost a few dollars, and you should go out and buy them both now.”
—Rudy Kearny, Preparing your Family

“In his words, ‘Everyone deserves the chance to survive.’ ‘I think of this every time I see another disaster. There are probably people dying who don’t have to.’ Now that’s my kind of doctor!!!”Survivor Jane

Those first few minutes after the injury happens can mean life of death, or the loss a a limb via infection. “Be the person who knows the right thing to do. … I highly recommend the Wounds and Burns e-books by The Survival Doctor.
Laurie Neverman, Common Sense Homesteading

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