Long time no see.

I haven’t blogged in almost a year now. It doesn’t seem that long. Some readers have asked where I’ve been, so I thought I’d check in. Plus, I have an announcement for you.

It’s hard to sum up a year. Basically, I’ve been spending time with family and working—both as a regular doctor and as The Survival Doctor. How about you? Every disaster and terrorist attack that’s popped up, I’ve thought about readers. I hope you’ve avoided all the havoc. I really hope that if you were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, or the wildfires out West, you’re OK. And I hope that you’ve felt more prepared to deal with whatever comes your way because of what you’ve learned here through blog posts, books, and the training course.

The Announcement

The big announcement is …

I’m moving The Survival Doctor’s Training Course to a convenient new platform—Udemy, an outlet designed especially for online courses.

OK, the bigger announcement is, to celebrate, I’m offering blog readers 20% off the course for the entire rest of this month (September 2017). Just use the code SUBSCRIBERSSAVE. Tell your friends; tell your family. Help them possibly save your life one day.

Click here to get 20% off!


Coupon expires September 30, 2017

Valid only for The Survival Doctor’s Emergencies Training Course on Udemy

If you were to ask what’s the number-one product I offer—something with in-depth information that’s easy to digest and user friendly—I’d say that without a doubt it’s The Survival Doctor’s Emergencies Training Course. So I hope you can take advantage of this rare discount special.

The Future

I’ll be continuing this blogging hiatus indefinitely. When I launched TheSurvivalDoctor.com six years ago, my mission was to get as much helpful information as I could to as many people as possible. I believe that’s been accomplished.

There’s a lot of information here on the website. But for your reference library and your travels, I encourage you to also invest in The Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook and Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid in particular.

My older daughter, Leigh Ann, who edits this blog, can attest to the usefulness of the books, even in everyday situations. She camped on an island this summer and took the Pocket Manual with her. She ended up spraining her ankle on a root. She hobbled around for a bit but eventually cracked the book, quickly located reminders on how to treat the sprain, and learned how to apply a figure-8 bandage. She says that within minutes after treatment and wrapping, she was walking twice as well—and the sprain didn’t ruin her weekend.

Whether the “disaster” is big or little, just a few tips and tricks can change the course of your day.

I hope The Survival Doctor continues to grow. The more you support this brand, the more I can do. Just by buying The Survival Doctor books or training course, you are helping more than just yourself and your family. You’re helping me continue sharing lifesaving knowledge with people around the world. Thank you. And don’t forget to get in on this rare sale!

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