11 Best Bow Cases for 2024

If you’re someone who cares about your bow and keeping it in perfect condition, there’s nothing better than a bow case, which offers a lot of great features. Nobody cares about your gear and bow more than you do, and a nice case will ensure your gear doesn’t get damaged when traveling with it. Having access to the best bow case offers you ultimate security and protection, so you never have to worry about stray scratches or blemishes on your bow.

Since the choice of a bow case is so important, you want to make sure you know what to look for. Our list of the best 11 bow cases will offer insight into what you can expect on the market today. We’ll share what sets these cases apart and why they may meet your specific archery needs.

We’ll also share a lot of information about choosing the best bow case, whether it’s on this list or not. We’ll talk about airline approved bow cases, options with arrow storage, and an area to store and offer the appropriate gear fit. But first, take a look at the specifications of the bow cases we’ll be showcasing in this article.

Our Top Bow Case List: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case


When it comes to the best bow case, you can’t beat the Plano Protector Compact. It has a lot of features and a simple style that lets you organize things however you like. This is a hard case with high-density foam on the inside to protect against bumps. You can expect your bow to stay in place no matter where you are going or what you are doing.

When you open the lid on this compact bow device, there is room for either arrows or other bow accessories. You could put your release or arm guard inside if you prefer. Another perk with this hard case is that it’s inexpensive, so you get a great deal of value for your money. For those who want a simple item that can do its job, there aren’t likely to be many options better. It gets a great rating and is one of the best options you will find.


  • Includes area to store extra arrows under lid
  • Offers a thick wall construction with PillarLock system
  • Holds compact bow parallel limbs in high-density foam


  • Inability to handle stored items other than arrows

Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Safe Shot Bow Case

This is a hardshell item made in the United States. It has a rugged exterior along with an internal lid and a base column to guard against impact and offer crush resistance. The interior of the case has a thick layer of convoluted foam to protect your bow and sight. There are also tie-down straps to keep everything in place.

This case has a rubber arrow rack that can hold 12 arrows. It holds the shafts in place under the lid for easy access and storage. There are four latches and lock holes on the case for secure transportation. This best bow case also offers an ergonomic integrated handle for easy transport anywhere you go. It typically gets a high rating from current users.


  • Rugged plastic shell construction with base column
  • Includes a thick layer of foam to protect your bow and sight
  • Comes with a 12 arrow racking system under the lid


  • Requires minor assembly before use

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

Plano is a well-known manufacturer of the best gun cases and has been in the business since 1952. This gun case by the company was made in the United States and includes a thick, pluck-to-fit foam on the interior to protect your bow. This is a great case for someone who is accident-prone or who likes to toss your gear in the trunk and get moving.

It is weatherproof, crush-resistant, and includes thick walls. It’s also resistant to everything from water to dust and air. If you’re going to be spending time in a moist or dirty environment, this could be the ideal choice for your needs. It is also airline approved so you can use it to get wherever you need to be.


  • Includes an industrial steel construction with a Dri-Loc seal
  • Offers dual-stage lockable latches and a pressure release valve
  • Dust-proof and weathertight shield for protection


  • Some users have experienced issues with the waterproof seal coming off

Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

As with all the Plano company bow cases on this list, the parallel bow case is one of the best to take out with you while hunting or target shooting for any customer. It has a high ranking on the Amazon best sellers list for archery bow cases and is available to a participant in the Amazon Services LLC associate program. This bow accessory is made in the United States of America.

The inside dimensions of this best bow case are 41x17x7 inches, while the outside measurements are 43x19x7 inches. The bow case is customizable for archers so they can protect and secure their bows of all makes and models. The interior uses a pluck foam for pillar placement while the exterior has a yellow handle and accents. This item often has high ratings by users, past and present.


  • Fully customizable parallel limb case for secure transport
  • Includes PillarLock system and pluck foam for security
  • Has an industrial-strength exterior and spacious interior


  • Could use more anchorage points for stored accessories

Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Case

This hard case from Case Club company is waterproof, durable, and rugged with an injection-molded construction for a compound bow. The inside of the case has a soft convoluted foam that keeps your bow from moving while you transport it. There is also a special arrow holder to keep arrows locked down while you move to ensure longevity.

This case is airline travel safe with a pressure equalization valve for changing altitudes and comes with a small accessory box for your extra gear. The foam is military-grade and cut to fit any parallel bow that is 40 inches or shorter. It also has room for up to 12 arrows in individual slots. The case is durable enough for long flights and gets a high rating due to having holes for padlocks built-in.


  • Can fit bows of up to 40 inches in length along with 12 arrows
  • Heavy-duty case is wheeled, waterproof, and air-tight for the customer
  • Offers a waterproof accessory box for stored small items


  • The case does not offer enough room to hold a quiver or other stored items

Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case Black

This Plano bow case is made with thick-walled, lockable, and weatherproof materials and can hold in-line or offset quivers. It can keep all your archery equipment safe and secure through the use of lockable latches with padlock tabs. It also incorporates high-strength pinned hinges. It also comes with a tie-down strap for accessories and has a lifetime warranty against defects.

This bow case is crush-resistant and approved for airline use with a PillarLock system. There is also a continuous Dri-Lock system included for weatherproof protection. The hard case has storage for arrows that fits both carbon fiber and standard arrows. This is a carrier that often gets an excellent rating from current users.


  • Offers padlock tags for airline travel and transport
  • Has a rugged construction and crush resistant PillarLock system
  • Includes a weather-resistant seal and tie-down strap for accessories


  • Straps that hold the bow in place may snap over time

Compound Bow Case Black Gear Fit X

This Gear Fit X Compound Bow case will protect your bow while carrying all your archery accessories at the same time. It’s feature-packed and rugged to take anywhere you need to go. This case comes with a padded shoulder strap, which is fully removable and allows for comfortable transport. The interior of the case is soft for top protection of your bow, which is one of the reasons it often gets a high rating.

Also included with this bow case are tie-down straps. These are used to hold the bow in place in the most protective method to protect your expensive gear from any damage. There are 10 different accessory pockets available to hold everything from arrows to broadheads, targets, and other gear without needing additional space.


  • Offers space for bows up to 35 inches in length
  • Has a massive 10 accessory pockets for all your gear needs
  • Includes a rubber carry handle and padded shoulder strap


  • Has minimal padding and pockets are relatively small

Pelican Air Elite 1745 Bow Case

This protective case from Pelican is created to be dustproof, crush-resistant, and watertight. The lightweight resin used can rebound without breaking while the high-density foam offers extra protection for your essential archery gear. The case is secure with an internal tie-down system to hold the bow in place. It also has two locking push-button latches and four stainless steel hasps.

The item is lightweight compared to many options on the market, which means it’s easier to travel with and can cut down on airline costs. The inside of the case offers a modular storage system so you can customize it to work with your set of bow and accessories. There are also Molle channels on the lib and base for even more room.


  • Features a dustproof, crushproof, and watertight design
  • Offers integrated internal tie-downs to secure your bow in place
  • Optimized for travel with latches and integrated wheels for transport


  • Isn’t as secure at some and may allow the bow to move around

Plano 10-10630 Bow Guard SE 44 Bow Case

This Plano case is in the hard style for the highest durability and strength. The case has room for a fully loaded offset or in-line quiver storage. The mounting bracket is sold separately and can be purchased from the bow manufacturer. It also has a special storage space with foam retainers to carry up to 12 arrows at once.

The limbs and strings of your bow are also kept secure through the included holding straps. This will ensure that the bow doesn’t do any shifting while it is transported. Exterior tabs are also included for tie-down or padlocks, depending on your preference. This is another bow accessory that gets a high rating in most cases.


  • Offers an area to store offset or in-line quivers
  • Comes with 12-angle locking foam arrow retainers
  • Features secure holding straps for limbs and strings of your bow


  • Arrow holder may not stay attached and hold arrows properly

HQ Issue Rifle/Bow Carry Case

This carry case is a bit unique compared to the others we have rated because it is made to carry either a bow or a rifle. It is constructed using a heavy-duty molded plastic for durability and strength. On top of that, it has an O-ring seal to make it 100% waterproof. It also uses pre-cut foam padding for extra protection when traveling.

This device also includes four padlock tabs so you can add on your favorite locks and ensure nobody gets into your gear. It is a great case for use on flights since it comes with a manual valve that helps balance internal pressure inside of the case.


  • Features pre-cut foam padding for extra protection while traveling
  • O-ring sealed for total waterproof protection
  • Includes four padlock tabs and a manual valve to balance the pressure


  • One of the more substantial bow cases on the market today

Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case

This Plano hard case for a compound bow comes with a pluck foam interior, which allows you to customize it to fit nearly all compound bows. The item is military spec and offers a heavy-duty Dri-Loc gasket to keep out moisture and the elements. It also comes with inline wheels so you can easily transport it on your travels.

This case has storage space for both your arrows as well as any extra accessories you want to have with you. There are padlock tabs to keep everything safe and secure. This United States made case has a pressure release valve that ensures to equalize pressure when changing altitudes or moving to an area with a different temperature.


  • Hard bow case features a pluck foam interior for customization
  • Built to military specifications with storage for arrows and accessories
  • Offers a heavy-duty Dri-Loc gasket to keep the elements out


  • Some users have experienced ineffective seals against moisture

Deciding Whether You Need a Bow Case

Some individuals do just fine without using a carrier for compound bows, but there are several benefits to having one available. If you are someone who regularly travels without a way to store your bow, this type of product can take care of that problem. Even going to a shooting range can be challenging since you may not want a strung bow hanging out in your backseat.

Because of that, investing in storage for your bow can ensure it stays in excellent condition for many years. With the recent popularity of urban-based archery ranges, having a case for your bow is even more important than ever. If you plan to hit up the new 3D archery ranges in many cities and you have to get there by walking or public transportation, you need this accessory to avoid turning heads.

Strategies for Traveling with Archery Equipment

Those who have plans to travel by plane with takedown archery equipment also need to have a bow case. The reality is that the way your bow and other luggage is handled by airport security is out of your hands. Having extra security in the form of a case will ensure your bow stays in perfect condition. Make sure to check your bow before leaving it in someone else’s hand at the airport.

If you are going to travel a lot, a hard option is likely the best option. It is going to protect your bow much more than a soft bow case. However, be sure to read the flight rules before you bring along your archery equipment. Some airlines do not allow you to travel with archery equipment, which could lead to confiscation of your gear.

Reasons to Buy a Storage Bow Case

If you’re like most people, you’ve invested a lot of money into your takedown recurve or another bow. This also means you should store and maintain it properly. A bow case is one way to make this easier and ensure you always have a way to store your equipment. While you can leave your bow out somewhere in your home, it’s safer to have a special place for it to stay when not in use.

This helps prevent damage and scratches. It also keeps the bow out of the hands of any children who might be in your home. The method of storing the bow is up to you, but if you have a recurve bow, it’s best to unstring it before storage. When strung, it places pressure on the limbs, which can warp them and make them less capable.

Items to Carry in Your Bow Case

Every archer is different, so what you want to pack into your case is going to vary. Someone hunting may have different needs than someone engaging in target shooting. Some people carry only a few extras while others bring a lot. However, we wanted to offer an idea of what you might want to take along with you. This will also give you an idea of the size of the case that will work best for your needs.

● A bow sight
● A riser and two limbs
● Six or more arrows
● Two spare arrow rest
● A pair of nocking pliers
● An Allen wrench
● A bow stringer
● A glove and arm guard

As we mentioned, your list may be a bit different. Feel free to take this list as a template and add or remove items that are important to you. At this point, you’re ready to consider which bow case meets your needs.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Top Bow Case

Before we get into all the things to consider when buying a bow case, you should know that the most important thing is getting a bow case that meets your requirements and needs. Things like weight, material, storage capacity, and durability are other things you want to consider. You should also consider the type of bow you have, whether that’s a crossbow, takedown recurve, or something else.

Material Used to Construct the Case

Both hard and soft cases can be good choices, depending on your needs. Those who prefer hard cases often appreciate the extra protection for their bow, as well as the lack of a need to worry about wear and tear. Hard cases work well for airport transport or long periods of storage in spaces where the elements are a factor. Soft bow cases work well for those who want extra space and prefer an inexpensive product.

Many people who use soft carriers have a few different cases. One might be for hunting while another could be for competitions or hobby use. These cases are often inexpensive so that you can buy three of them for the price of one hard case. The only downside is that the protection is limited with a soft case, so you want to be sure you check out one that is tough and durable.

Choosing the Right Size Bow Case

A bow case can work with a right or left-handed bow, but you do want to be sure the case you choose is the right size, so always check for this. If your bow has an unusual size, you may need a special case, but this is uncommon. Some cases can be easily modified for this reason, or the manufacturer may provide customized versions of the original to meet your needs.

While many people won’t need to look this deeply into the products, it does matter for those who want to ensure they can use the product well into the future. When looking at companies that offer the best customization, the options are often much better than you will find with traditional models. Kits may have many extra options and shouldn’t be ignored.

Bow Case Capacity

Every bow user should care about space since you likely want to carry plenty of ammo out with you. A great model is going to have a lot of room for you for any bow, whether a compound or a takedown recurve. Wasted space is something you want to avoid when you could get a case with more space for around the same price. You should also be sure the cases you look at meet the guidelines for major airlines.

Because of the tight security measures associated with airline travel, traveling with archery equipment can be challenging. Having an appropriate case ensures you can make it through a checkpoint without having anything confiscated. This means you don’t have a risk of losing gear and money, and you can quickly get checked in and out.

Level of Durability

Something else we recommend you pay attention to is durability. This is especially the case when choosing a soft carrier. Early soft cases were made using the same material as tents, but this has improved over the years. Grading hard cases can be more difficult since you have to think about long-term usefulness.

The truth is that some tough soft cases can fall apart in months, while better quality cases can last for years. Soft cases can be useful and are in high demand, but the best durability is going to be found in a hard case. Consider the warranty to get an idea of what you can expect in terms of quality.

Compatibility with Your Archery Gear

Being compatible with accessories is crucial and can’t be counted out. This means items like bow modifications, arrow add-ons, and quivers, among others. The best-rated case is going to be one that offers plenty of space, but that space also has to work with your specific setup. Some cases have lots of space, but in areas where it can risk damaging accessories while others have padding that won’t accommodate certain sizes of bows and arrows.

Bow Case Ease of Use

Another thing to consider is how easy the case is to use. This includes cleaning, whether you have a soft or hard case. The best cases are easy to get into to dust out debris. Some cases are otherwise fantastic but have small areas that are hard to cleanout. Narrow spaces can collect pebble and dirty, which can cause damage to your equipment over time.

Even if you have the best possible case on the market, you want to be sure the inside of the case isn’t leading to damage. If this is something you have struggled with in the past, you especially want to make this a priority by choosing highly rated bow cases.

Style of the Bow Case

Keep in mind that there are two main types of bow cases on the market. The first is designed to work with longbows, compound bows, selfbow recurves, and takedown recurve bows. This means they can carry nearly any of the most popular brands and types of bows. The cases incorporate elements that keep your bow safe when transporting and storing it and your extra equipment.

The cases typically come in a hard, soft, or a hybrid shell. Deciding which of those is right for you comes down to needs and preferences. If you’re a traveler, you may want a hard case. The same applies if you have expensive equipment or you are a stickler about safety. All of these things matter, but it comes down to lifestyle and perspective in the long run.

The other kind of cases are for crossbows. These are different than the traditional cases because they must be more significant. These cases can be used for recurves, compounds, and crossbows of all types. It’s easy to define this kind of case because it has the shake of a crossbow.

These cases can also come in hybrid, soft, or hard materials. Most of the crossbow cases also have extra room to accommodate mounted scopes. This can save time since there’s no need to sight in the crossbow each time it is used.

Extra Features to Consider

Many features make your life easier when using a bow, and some of them may be things you want to ensure your case has. Below are some of the options out there:

● Case Locking Mechanism – If you plan to travel by plane, having a case that locks is a great option. It can also be useful if you travel by bus or other public transport. It helps you get through airport security and keeps your contents safe from others.

● Waterproofing – In most cases, hard cares are going to be water-resistant or waterproof. This can be a great feature for hunters who are camping out or individuals who will be on boats. This is also an excellent choice for anyone who is tracking or hunting in wet conditions.

● Wheels – This is another feature that works well for regular travelers. It’s just like a suitcase in that it has wheels on the bottom. For those who travel by air, this makes your bow case just as portable as any of the rest of your luggage.

● Shoulder Straps – Hard cases and soft cases alike may come with shoulder straps. However, keep in mind that a soft case is easier to carry in this manner than a hard case would be.

● Built-In Arrow and Quiver Storage – Most cases are going to have extra storage for arrows, which is important since you can’t use a bow without them. When traveling, you want to think about how many arrows you will need and choose a case that offers enough space for a lot of them.

● Additional Storage Compartments – In addition to a bow, you may have sights, tools, rests, accessories, and more. These things work best when they can be packed up alongside your bow. To choose a case with additional storage is the best option here. Soft cases typically have the most storage since fabric compartments are less expensive than compartments made of hard plastic.


Through this roundup of products and the additional information about choosing a bow case, we hope you’ve learned enough to find a quality product to fit your needs. A bow is a significant investment for a rewarding hobby, so having the best case possible is crucial. Check out the top 11 bow cases above to ensure you choose something that lasts a long time. If they aren’t right for you, there are a lot of other options on the market for you!

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