Best Survival Clothing For the Wildneress to Keep You Warm and Dry

In an emergency situation, you need to be able to rely on your clothing to keep you warm and comfortable. Traditional clothing can't always be counted on in a survival situation. These will.

Let’s face it, mother nature can unleash some pretty violent conditions. You might stand a chance if you kit yourself up with the right attire.

The difference between high-quality premium gear and cheap threads can be enough to determine whether or not you survive what she throws at you or if you are going to end up cold, shivering or in the worst-case scenario – dead.  

There are a few pieces of survivalist gear in the form of clothing articles that you should be prep with.

Although extreme conditions can come in many forms, it’s good to know what you are getting into before going out there.

Whether it be for harsh blizzarding nights or scorching summer beaters, you are going to want to make sure you are prepared with the right get up.

Best Survival Clothing – Short List

  1. Jacket – Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket
  2. Pants – Singbring Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Ski Pants
  3. Face Mask – BINE Hats Balaclava Face Mask
  4. Sunglasses – Rapid Eyewear Sunglasses
  5. Boots – Salomon Quest: 4D GTX Boots
  6. Socks – Heat Holder Thermal Socks
  7. Long Underwear TopMerino Wool Base Layer Shirt
  8. Long Underwear BottomMERIWOOL Base Layer
  9. Rain Gear – Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho

Best Survival Clothing – The Longer Version

I. Jacket

Probably out of all the survival clothing that you can have a jacket is one of the most essential. If not – the most essential. That is because keeping your core warm is key.

If you are going to be spending time outdoors during the winter, a high-quality survival jacket is an essential piece of gear. It will keep you warm and dry in the cold as well and protect you against wind which can drastically reduce your core temperature. A survival jacket is not just for winter really, and can be used in any type of weather conditions.

Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

Material: The OPS Soft Shell Jacket from Rothco is manufactured from polyester

Size: Available in a wide range of sizes

Pros: The hood of the jacket is removable, Has a top pouch and chest pocket· Waterproof

Cons: Pockets are not well-spaced

Features: The Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket is a waterproof softshell that is designed with several layers to make sure you are well insulated.

The Rothco Special OPT Soft Shell jacket is the perfect choice for when the temperature starts dropping.

Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket
Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

The jacket has 3 insulating layers, the outer being made from polyester that protects from the wind. The middle layer repels moisture, and the 3rd layer of the jacket is made out of fleece for warmth.

Why we like it: With these three layers, it is possible to keep warm and retain body heat, even when the temperatures outside drop.

II. Pants

Having a solid pair of pants can help if you are needing something of the non-jean material. Cause lets face it, it sucks when jeans or cotton get wet, they don’t dry fast, they keep you damp, and you just stay cold which is a bit of a problem if you are in colder climates.

There really are two different types of survival pants as we see it. The quick-dry light nylon type, and the thick and fleecy types. And what’s cool about Singbring is that they have both variations. There are also the “Carhartt type” as well as the “heavy-duty snow pant types“, which are both nice just not as versatile.

Singbring Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Ski Pants

Material: Polyest 98% & 2% spandex

Size: S-XXL (29-47in)

Features: Thick & Fleece & Thin & Quick-Dry types available for different weather

Pros: Thick & Fleece & Thin & Quick-Dry types available for different weather, Good for different types of outdoor activities, Price super cheaply, Can be worn with layers (or not) Don’t make that swish swish sound

Cons: Though advertised as waterproof, they aren’t really

Features: Pants are often a neglected piece of gear, and most people don’t care. And I would agree, though only up to the point when you don’t have any alternative. If you do have something, and it actually works, then it’s a keeper. The problem is usually finding something that fits and works is tricky business.

Singbring Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Ski Pants
Singbring Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Ski Pants

Singbring Men’s Outdoor Quick may just be the long-lost pants you were looking for. Not only are they quick-drying, have patchwork knees, and zipped pockets, but they fit very well (unless it’s you that doesn’t fit ;))

Why we like it: I almost bet that if you went and bought the quick-dry pair, that you would like them so much that you would double down and get the fleece-lined. Wanna bet?

3. Hat

For cool/cold climates it’s important to find a thick wool/fleece hat to help retain as much warmth as possible. Keeping your head warm, will assist in increasing the rest of your body’s temperature.

It is said up to 70% of your body heat escapes through your head according to the US military handbook for survival in harsh conditions(however, that is often now seen as a myth due to bad science, where the appropriate percentage of heat lost through the head is now said to more around 10%). A

nyways, we know how it feels to have a cold or wet head, so either way, it’s good to cover up.

BINE Hats Balaclava Face Mask

Material: The hats’ body is made from fleece

Size: The hat is stretchy and free size, ensuring that it will fit anyone

Pros: Fabric is super-fine and soft, Doesn’t irritate the skin, is Multifunctional, Can be worn in both autumn and winter

Cons: Runs small

Features: During blistering summer days, a wide coverage hat does a great job at giving you shade. Sunburn and heat exhaustion can be a big factor in your ability to survive unruly conditions, so make sure you choose a hat with a large brim if you are going out and looking to survive in the desert.  

The Bine hat is super soft and warm. What more can you ask for in a hat really. The material is breathable and windproof.

BINE Hats Balaclava Face Mask
BINE Hats Balaclava Face Mask will pretty much hide your whole face

The Bine’s hat is good for just about any type of outdoor activity. In the autumn it can be worn to protect the head, and in winter it can be worn in combination with its face mask for protection from extreme weather conditions.

Why we like it: One of the best features of this hat is that it’s multifunctional; it can be worn as a mask, scarf, and hat.

4. Sunglasses

Even sub-direct sunlight from reflective surfaces like lakes can be enough to damage our eyes.  Make sure you kit yourself with a quality pair of high UV, anti-glare sunglasses to ensure your eyes stay in check when you need them.

Sunglasses are actually even more important in cold conditions when there is snow on the ground because of the reflection of the sun. Snow blindness is a real thing. And you don’t want that.

Rapid Eyewear Sunglasses for Extreme Sun Conditions

Material: Plastic

Size: Comes in Various Sizes

Pros: Sunglasses come with, convenient microfiber carry pouch, Lenses are polycarbonate, Standard one-fits-all adult size·, Unisex

Cons: Bit of a small fit

Features: The Rapid Eye Sunglasses are polarized and tough enough to withstand rough treatment, more so than your average pair of sunglasses anyways.

Why we like it: These sunglasses work for mountain climbing or on ski slopes as these babies have a UV400 and are category 4 dark lenses (which means they are dark) making them work well in extremely bright conditions.

5. Boots

The importance of keeping your feet protected cannot be overemphasized. Insulation is one of the key factors that determine whether your boot is your friend or your foe.

In both cold and hot conditions, if the thickness and quality of your boot is not sufficient, you’ll know it… very quickly. 

For more Survival Gear: Best Survival Boots

Make sure to break your boots in as soon as you get them, so you are not left with blisters when the time comes for them to serve you. 

Salomon Quest: 4D GTX Boots

Material: The boots are made from Nubuck Leather

Weight: 640g

Pros: Comfortable and durable, Waterproof· Breathable

Cons: Bit expensive

Features: These Salomon Quest 4D GTX Boots will protect your feet, ensuring your feet remain dry and comfortable in any weather.

When searching for survivalist boots, it is important to search not just for good leather but also a boot that will protect your feet and keep them warm.

The Salomon Quest boot is perfect for both extremes of weather conditions, hot and cold, providing waterproof protection, durability, and comfort.

The most amazing feature of these boots is their 4D chassis guide, ensuring that the boots are fit for all types of terrain.

Salomon 4D GTX Boots
Salomon 4D GTX Boots

Why we like it: The boots are waterproof and the soles are designed with a grip that works well on wet surfaces. This boot ticks all the boxes: comfortable, lightweight and works well in different environments.

6. Socks

Socks. Always good to bring an extra pair pretty much wherever you go. This would be even more so if you are on some survival expedition, are bugging out, or going on some hiking adventure. Having cold wet feet sucks.

You are going to want to stick to a synthetic sock here and stay away from cotton. (I know I love cotton too, but not this time. If it gets wet then it just won’t dry).

Heat Holder Thermal Socks

Material: The socks are made from a combination of acrylic nylon, polyester, and elastane

Size: 7 to 12

Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Guaranteed to keep feet warm

Cons: None

Features: The warmest socks that you will find on the market. Heat Holder thermal socks keep feet warm even in sub-zero temperatures (good boot dependant).

Heat Holder Thermal Socks

Why we like it: The socks are chunky and thick, and are not irritating like some wool socks can be. The Heat Holder Sock are comfortable and warm. Do you need anything more?

7. Long Underwear Top

Probably one of the most important pieces of gear you can wear is a good quality long under wear  As far as woolens go, Merino wool is the most popular pick these days since it is known for its minimal itch, high-quality wool. 

Merino Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt

Material: 100% Merino Wool

Weight: 165g/m2

Material: 17.5 Micron Superfine

Pros: Easy care, Lifetime warranty, Very comfortable and can be worn as a casual shirt also, Non-itching soft wool.

Cons: More expensive than most conventional synthetic layers.

Features: Merino Tech base layer shirts are naturally moisture-wicking and odor resistant.   ‘It’s all in the wool’ we could say. 

The long sleeves are highly recommended since it gives you the added warmth and of course the flexibility of rolling them up when you get too hot or the weather calls for it.

Merino Wool Long Underwear top
Merino Wool Long Underwear Top

A Merino wool shirt is key to keeping dry and warm on any adventure and well worth the extra investment.  Merino Tech is also great because of its lifetime warranty and its 60 days hassle-free refund policy if the shirt doesn’t perform to your standards.

What we like: You get the benefits of moisture-wicking gear which is great if you sweat ALOT or are caught in the rain. Can be worn as a base layer also as a simple single outer layer when the weather agrees. 

8. Long Underwear Bottoms

Another Merino wool pick is obvious, keeping in mind the same quality and material considerations as we did for our base layer top. Once again a bigger investment at first but paying off in warmth and comfort in the long run.

Merino Wool Long Underwear Bottoms

Material: 100% Merino wool

Weight: 250g/m2

Material: 18.5 micron-Merino Superfine

Pros: Breathable, wicking and odor resistant, soft weave, adaptable to hot or cold temperatures.

Cons: More costly

Features: A loop has been sewn on the pants so they can easily be hung to dry on a line or tree out in the bush.  These long underwear have the same great wicking and odor-resistant properties as other Merino wool products. 

size guide for Marino Long Under Bottoms
size guide for Marino Long Under Bottoms from M

Keeping things cool or warm depending on the season is once again one of the great benefits of wearing Merino wool.

Merino Wool Long Underwear Bottoms
Merino Wool Long Underwear Bottoms

What we like: If you have never tried Merino wool before, now is a good time.  Meriwool’s 30 day satisfaction guarantee is a great reason why you can’t go wrong.

9. Rain Gear

If you find yourself in areas prone to rain, we would keep a rain poncho on you. You never know when the clouds will open up and if your poncho is not around you are just going to get wet.

Not just you but all the other gear that you might be carrying with you. And the thing about getting wet is that once you are soaked it can drastically bring down your core temperature.

Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho

Dimensions: 140 w X 220 L

Weight: 260 g

Color: Available in a wide range of colors, including black, yellow, and blue

Pros: Multifunctional, Comfortable and durable, Reusable,·Comes with a face-protecting hood

Cons: Sharp objects may puncture the poncho

Features: Though we know wearing a poncho isn’t the most fashionable, though if you are reading this you are likely to be using it in the backcountry. So don’t worry, no one is looking.

Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho
Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho

Why we like it: The Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho is 100% waterproof (we would hope so). It’s lightweight doesn’t feel like you will suffocate when you wear it and has waterproof stitching. What more do you need in a poncho?

Extra Articles of Survival Clothing For Cold & Hot Climate To Think About

Cold Climate
  • Heavy Winter Coat or Parka
  • Super heavy insulated boots
  • Snowshoes
  • Snow pants
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Long underwear
  • Snow pants
  • Goggles
Hot Climate
  • Breathable polyester t-shirts
  • Fitted Sandals
  • Wide brim hat
  • Shorts
  • Nylon zip-off pants

What to Bring?

Here is a great video by someone who knows exactly what to bring and what not to.

Gear to Consider When Buying Survival Clothes

Finding survival clothes for all weather tasks is a bit out of touch with reality. You are going to need different types of gear for different conditions

When choosing what to buy, it is important to consider just how harsh the weather conditions may be, is it cold, or freeeeezing cold, is it going to rain, or seriously pour down, is it going to be warm or blazing hot?

Consider the Weather

If you are shopping for winter, ensure that the clothes you pick are insulating and will keep you warm. That means pick thick materials (avoid cotton) and stick with wool or polyester as when cotton gets wet it will keep you wet and cold.

If you are shopping for summer, avoid black and other dark colors that generate heat. Cotton will keep you cool although it will absorb all the sweat, so best to stay with synthetic materials.

1. Durability

Avoid fabrics that aren’t durable and that won’t stand the test of time.

What that usually means is that don’t just buy something just because it’s cheap. If it’s cheap there is usually a reason for that.

2. Affordability

Survival clothing shopping doesn’t have to break the bank; there are clothes out there that are both durable and affordable. Compare the products you find and make sure that they are multifunctional and that they are actually good value for money.

3. Quality of the Material

Choose the quality of the material depending on the season you are buying for.

For winter, wool is an excellent material for warmth; polyester is an excellent material that is insulating. Materials that are waterproof can be used for any extreme weather condition, not just for the rainy season.

If you are thinking more about survival gear go here: Best Survival Gear.


You need gear, the question always is what type of gear. We hope we made that process easier for you.

The best survival clothing is one that can be easily layered for any season. We don’t want you to freeze in the winter or roast during the summer.

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