Allergy Treatment: What Medicines to Take For Allergies–and How to Take Them

[Editor’s note: This article was originally hosted on, our sister site. It’s now featured here as part of our new general-health section.]   Antihistamines, decongestants, nasal sprays, injections… you just want to breathe again! But which of the plethora of allergy meds will do the trick? That isn’t the only question you should be asking, according to Dennis Ownby, M.D., section chief of allergy and immunology at the Medical College of Georgia Health System. Once you choose one, you then need to know how to take it to get the most bang for your buck. “Most people wait until they are sick and then jump from one medicine to another, complaining that none of them work,” Dr. Ownby says. “That’s like looking for your life jacket after you fall overboard in a storm.”  Here, he gives us the whats, whens and hows of allergy medicines.  In other words, everything your nose ever wanted to know. […]