48-Hour Sale on Survival Training, Starts Now! Click to See the Deals

Thank you for your interest! This sale is now over, but you can still get the course for a great price. Click here.   48-hour SALE! by James Hubbard, MD, MPH It’s been almost a year since I launched The Survival Doctor’s video-based Emergencies Training Course, and the feedback has been amazing. […]

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For You: Special 48-Hour Bonuses With My New Online Training Course

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH I’m really excited. Today, my new online training course is finally available to you! It’s taken me over a year to put together this professionally produced project, and I think it has turned out fantastic. In The Survival Doctor’s Emergencies Training Course, you’ll learn some of the lifesaving knowledge that I’ve amassed over 30 years of practicing medicine. I cover some of my readers’ most-often-worried-about questions, and I teach you how I’d handle common life-threatening medical problems, in easy-to-understand language and with minimal medical equipment. Here’s a preview: […]

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Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of The Survival Doctor’s Emergency Training Course

Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek at The Survival Doctor’s Emergency Training Course. It’s my new video course that’s over a year in the making, and I’ve crafted it especially for my readers who want to gain confidence in their medical skills. […]

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Video: The Best Way to Irrigate Your Sinuses (Without a Neti Pot)

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH Last week, I demonstrated how to safely use a neti pot, a popular tool to clean your sinuses for allergy prevention and treatment. You just pour specially prepared water into one nostril, and it comes out the other one. But there’s an advanced sinus irrigation technique that’ll clean you out good and proper—without a neti pot. Your amazing, Roto-Rooter, nasal cleansing alternative? A cup. […]

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Allergies Vs. Amoebas: 2 Steps to Using a Neti Pot Safely

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH There are not many natural ways to treat or prevent nasal allergies effectively, but using a neti pot for nasal irrigation is one of them. And it’s safe. Okay, sure … a brain-eating amoeba has killed a few unfortunate people after they used contaminated tap water. And, yes, some who use the neti pot actually have more sinus infections. But … you can prevent both of those problems with two simple steps. […]

Video: When Your Finger Swells Over Your Wedding Ring: What to Do

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH One of the first things I do when I see someone with an injured hand or finger is remove any rings. You’d think the person would have already done this, but sometimes it’s hard to think straight when you have an injury. Also, many are afraid it’s going to hurt (it can), and some think the finger has already swollen too much (sometimes it has). But the thing is, with a badly swollen finger, the ring acts like a tourniquet, cutting off the blood supply, and you could end up losing your digit. What to do? […]

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Video: How to Apply a Tourniquet Properly

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH Tourniquets have been on my mind lately. It’s a shame many people don’t know how to properly apply one to stop bleeding. It’s so easy. But, like most things, someone has to show you before you can learn. I read of a man bitten on his thigh by a beaver. The large femoral artery that runs from the groin down the inner thigh was severed, and the man bled to death. My first thought was, maybe he could have been saved if someone had known how to stop the bleeding—in particular, how to apply a tourniquet. […]

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Videos: Posterior Nasal Packing (or Stopping a Bad Rear Nose Bleed)

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH These videos, courtesy YouTube users, demonstrate parts of the procedures I describe in “When Your Nose Won’t Stop Bleeding: Causes and Cures.” […]

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Video: How Can You Get Something Out of Your Eye You Can’t See?

Fourth in a four-part series on eye problems. by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H. I get a lot of specks of dirt, metal, rust, and other debris out of people’s eyes. Protective goggles keep out most foreign bodies, but it takes just the tiniest speck to make your eye all irritated and water like you’ve got a tree limb in it. Often the speck’s so small I need a magnifying glass—even a special microscope called a slit lamp—to see it. Sometimes the speck is already out and the person is feeling the scratch it left behind. Many find it hard to believe me when I tell them it’s the teeny scratch and not the speck that’s causing all that discomfort. If a larger object hits the eye hard or anything appears to have punctured the eye surface, I refer the person immediately to an eye specialist. You should leave it alone. Don’t do anything until you can get to a doctor. But, if it’s that tiny speck and you’re in a disaster situation where you can’t get to a doctor, here’s how to get something out of your eye: […]

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Video: How To See If You Break Your Glasses

by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H. Did you ever see the Twilight Zone episode where the guy just wants to be left alone to read his books? The end of the world comes and he’s the only one left. He finds a library full of undamaged books and thinks he’s in heaven. He picks one up, and wouldn’t you know it? He breaks his glasses. Can’t see a thing without them, far or near. I’d be the same way, about the seeing part I mean. Without my glasses I couldn’t tell a bear from a tree trunk. In a disaster, I’d be dead meat. Ah, but for the beauty of optical physics and simplicity of duct tape. […]

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