Disc O Bed Review: A Portable Bunk Cot For When You Are on the Move

It’s hard to find a temporary sleeping solution if you are camping or moving houses without having to curl up on the cold hard ground.

If you are looking for an alternative to those restless nights of tossing and turning, then there may be a solution.

This review will be on the Disc O’ Bed; a set of stacking bunk cots that are sturdy, yet light enough to take with you whenever you are looking for a good night sleep away from home.

Disc-O-Bed Review

1. Disco Bed XL

Dimensions (Sleeping Area): 79″ x 28″

Weight: 60 Pounds

Material: Anti Rust Steel Frame, 600D Polyester Fabric

Pros: Quick to set up, Fantastic space-saver, Easily portable, Have high-quality storage bags, Can be used as bunk beds or individually, Fit in small areas,

Cons: Considerably heavier when it’s disassembled and sitting in the storage bag, Difficult to carry with you for large distances

Single Disco Bed Variation

Features: 13in off the ground, 21in in between cots

Weight: 31 pounds

Material: Anti Rust Steel Frame, 600D Polyester Fabric

Pros: Lighter than the XL, Company, Easy setup

Cons: Not as sturdy as the XL

Different Ways You Can Use a Disc O’ Bed


1. Camping

One of the biggest problems when going camping is: Where should we sleep? If you have big groups of people this is even more of an issue.

This camping cot allows you to accommodate more people and help to free up some much-coveted floor space in the tent.

2. Moving From One Place to Another

If you are moving houses it’s tricky to find a temporary place that’s comfy enough.

Thankfully, you can now abandon the cold air mattresses.

The Disco O Ben is a bit more semi-permanent but allows you to be able to store it away quickly if needed.

3. Extra Bed for Guests

Anytime you have guests over, making space for them to sleep is tricky. The sofa cushions and your kid’s tiny beds can only do so much.

With a Disc-O-Bed, you can have multiple beds for guests to share in the same space while also keeping everyone satisfied.

4. Kids Sleepover

If your kids have been whining about having a sleepover, this is your time to shine. Usually, accommodating several children can get a little tricky. These cots can be set up in a second for the kids to sleep over on. Mission accomplished.

5. Road Trip

Disc-O-Beds are the perfect travel partner if you’re going on a long road trip, you can adjust the cots to fit inside a car by collapsing the legs.

6. Turn it into a Couch

Yes, you read that right! The Disc-O-Bed can be used as a bed and a couch.

All you need to do is unlock the disc connectors from where they’re locked into the rails. Remove the top bunk from one side, and pop down the disc brackets. The couch isn’t super comfortable so we suggest you use foam padding or a thermo rest for support as there is a metal bar going through it.

What Comes With the a Disc-O-Bed?

The Disc-O-Bed comes in 2 separate storage bags and is available in four standard sizes: L, XL, 2XL, and there is also a smaller kid version.

When you unpack the Disc-O-Bed, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Two storage bags
  • Two cots
  • Two side organizers
  • A set of stack adapters
  • Two tie-down straps
  • Stiffening brackets (Only with 2XL)

How Is the Disc-O-Bed Built?

When it comes to bunk beds, there are a few of things you need to consider.


Is it Well Made?

The Disc-O-Bed has a solid design. Both cot stacks are industrial-grade frame with a coated finish that is made of steel and is rust-resistant.

The fabric is 600D polyester with PVC coating, which is a fancy way of saying it’s heavy-duty. The rough canvas also makes the fabric water-resistant and easy to clean.

The bottom bunk has a rounded frame so it doesn’t sink into the ground and prevents any damage to your floors if you’re using the cot indoors.

How much Weight can it Handle?

The weight capacity varies for each size of the Disc-O-Bed, but the XL version can handle 500 pounds though that is the max limit.

Is it Safe?

The disc connectors lock both bunks into place. There are extenders for the top cot you can also use these for the bottom bunk for when you want the bottom cot further off the ground.

If you have a kids’ sleepover, it is probably good to make sure the bunks don’t accidentally get separated. You can use the tie-down braces and the cross straps that come with it.

How Big is it?

The Disc-O-Bed cots give plenty of room for you to roll over during a restless night.

The average distance between the top and bottom bunks is around a foot and a half. This gives enough room for you to bend your knees a little. If you want more space, you can order extensions as an add-on along with the bunks. The extensions add more distance between the cots so you can easily sit up even on the bottom bunk.

This will help you avoid bumping into the top bunk every time you try to get out.

The bunk is 79″ x 28″ and takes up less room than a 3-person tent, though you will likely need a much bigger tent than a 3 person tent if you are looking to sleep three people.

Is it Comfortable?

Though many people claim of getting a good night’s sleep, however, it isn’t a proper bed, so don’t expect the Ritz Carlton. There are a few things you can do to make your sleep better:

  • Use a camp mattress or foam
  • Use a sleeping bag tfor a bit extra padding

If you go camping, take some extra blankets or something to lay on as the surface material of the bunks are thin, so air can pass through on a cold winter night.


There cot comes with velcro loops and elastic sleeves and zippers. The handles of both storage bags are also padded with Velcro. That makes it easier to carry them and gives you lots of space.

When you are not using the beds they can be stored pretty easily in these bags and stored for later use.


How to set up the Disc-O-Bed?

As the name suggests the Disc O Bed is simple to stack and to be honest, you can set up the Disc-O-Bed even without reading the instruction manual.

Though there is a simple set of instructions that give you a step by step approach. It may take 15mins the first time, but you can easily half it down once you get the hang of it.

Setting up the bed is easy, since it doesn’t require any tools. To make the process simpler for you, here’s a brief look at how you can set up the Disc-O-Bed in less than 15 minutes:

  1. Lay out the side rails and connect them
  2. One of the cots also comes with extension legs that slip onto the bottom bunk
  3. Now fit the rails through the sleeves of the fabric on each side
  4. Next, align the rails into place to click into the disc brackets at the head and foot of each bunk
  5. Slip the top bunk’s legs into the bottom disc bracket so it locks in the correct position
  6. Press the buttons next to the disc connector so that the brackets click into place
  7. To disassemble the cots, you can press the disc connectors and tug them upwards.
  8. Pulling the legs firmly upward will allow you to separate the top bunk easily

The proprietary disc connectors use friction to hold the bunk rails into place. The cots may shake a little because of the friction, but it doesn’t make the setup unstable.

The Disc-O-Bed XL has its bottom bunk around 11 inches above the ground, with 21 inches between the top and bottom cots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    How can I clean my Disc O Bed?

The Disc-O-Bed is super easy to clean. You can simply take a mild detergent and sponge to clean the fabric. Afterward, you can rinse with water, preferably warm, and then hang it out to dry.

2.    Will the Disc-O-Bed damage my floor?

Absolutely not! The bottom cot has a rounded frame that prevents any damage to the floor. If you’re scared of any potential damage, you can order rubber protectors as an add-on for extra protection.

3.    Does the Disc-O-Bed come with a warranty?

Yes, Disc-O-Bed offers a warranty of 1 year on all parts of the product as well as a 60 day return policy.

4.    Can I build a triple stack with the Disc-O-Bed?

Technically, you can if you buy an additional bar. However, it isn’t a safe move since it isn’t made to be stacked that high.


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