8 Things You Can Do For the Full-Blown Flu

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH It’s a real bummer to get the flu. Not just a bad cold. I’m talking aching all over and high-fever running, can’t get out of the bed, full-blown flu. In other words it can kind of ruin your week. And if you’re a prepper? Forget it. You’re so sick you’re virtually useless during a disaster. Now the shot prevents a lot of flus but not all of them. Bottom line: you can say you never get that nasty stuff, but you can’t say you never will. I’ve put together a little just-in-case information on what to do for the flu if you get it. I’d advise you to read it now. Because you may not feel like it later. […]

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Flu Shots: The Good and the Bad. Take the Quiz and Make Up Your Mind.

Photo by sylvar on Flickr. by James Hubbard, MD, MPH It’s as predicable as the change of the season. Come cold weather, you begin to see dire forecasts of the worst flu season. Will millions die this year? Who knows? It’s kind of like the usual pre-hurricane warnings. Many times they’re wrong, but if they’re right and you don’t heed them, it can be the last decision, or indecision, you ever make. I think anyone who’s worth his/her salt in preparing for disasters should take a serious look at flu shots. Know the facts. Like, how effective are flu shots? What are the alternatives? What are the downsides? After you gather the facts, and if you think it’s worth it, get immunized. If you think the risks outweigh the benefits, prepare accordingly. But remember, one of these days, those forecasts are going to be right. […]

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What Does Green Snot Mean? 13 Cold and Flu FAQs

I’m gradually transferring popular posts from another site I publish, MyFamilyDoctorMag.com, to this one. They’re located in my new general-health section. Many were written by guest authors, and they’re all really good. Check them out. I think this one, though, meets The Survival Doctor criteria well enough to be a featured post. Weird Stuff Q. Doctor, my nose has been running for three days, and now it’s green! What does that mean? […]

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