Slideshow: 8 Headache Stretches That Rival Pain Pills

For part 2 of my headache series, I asked my daughter and editorial consultant, Leigh Ann Hubbard, to write about her experiences with stretches for headaches. They’re a great survival-medicine tool: You can do them anywhere and with no equipment. (See part 1 of the headache series here.) Slideshow starts at bottom of post. by Leigh Ann Hubbard When even four ibuprofen struggle to knock out your headaches, you’ve got issues, my friend. That was my predicament a few months ago. I tried prevention: heading off my main headache trigger, blood-sugar lows. I considered prescription medicine. I tried dry needling with electrical stimulation. (You heard me.) And that … actually worked! And it’s what got me on the path toward stretches for headaches. […]

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Which Drug-Free Headache Remedies Actually Work?

Part 1 in my two-part headache series. (Read part 2, about headache stretches, here.) by James Hubbard, MD, MPH There’s nothing like a lingering headache to spoil your week. And if you have really bad one during a disaster it could be downright devastating. Well, lucky for you I just read a good review of study-proven complementary and alternative medicine treatments for chronic tension and migraine headaches on Medscape, by Désirée A. Lie, MD, MSEd—in other words, headache remedies that have been proven to work. […]

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14 Warning Signs Your Headache Could Be Serious

by James Hubbard, MD, MPH You’re out cleaning up after a big storm and you start getting a headache. At first it’s pretty mild, barely noticeable. You keep working and it gets worse. Thinking it’s probably a tension headache, or maybe from dehydration, you take a break, drink a couple of glasses of water, and take some acetaminophen or ibuprofen. But it doesn’t help. Pretty soon the headache is so severe that you stop working. And a thought crosses your mind—could this headache be serious? Maybe you should you call your doctor. Wait, the phones are down, and she/he’s probably not in the clinic anyway. Your head is pounding now. What about going to the emergency room? You think of the crowds, the really sick and injured who actually are needing emergency help. But what if you’re one of them? When is a headache an emergency? […]

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