Uses For Vodka: 10 Uses For Your Health

Vodka is a distilled liquor made from rye, corn, wheat, potatoes, and even fruits. We all know it can get you drunk, but do you know that it comes packed with a bunch of medical uses?

Vodka can be used for a variety of ailments such as treating cuts, scrapes, upset stomachs, sunburns, and toothaches.

The earliest written notes about vodka use comes from Poland in the 14th century, but it was likely around in various forms before the Middle Ages. During this time it was actually mostly used as a medicine, believe it or not.

10 Healthy Ways to Use Vodka

Here is a list of ways to put your leftover vodka for good use.

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1. Medical Benefits

You might not know, but long before vodka was used purely for enjoyment, it was also used as a medicine. Vodka’s antiseptic and disinfectant properties are great for wounds and burns as it helps with the healing process.

It was also used as a sleep remedy as it relaxes the body and helps to calm the mind. Mind you, back in the day; vodka was likely around 14% alcohol and not the 40% commonly used today, so it was far less potent.

2. Good for Hair and Skin

With its alcohol content, vodka works wonders for keeping your hair healthy by acting as a conditioner as well as helping get rid of dandruff due to its astringent properties, which can also be used as an effective against clogged pores.

3. Relieves Stress

That vodka you are drinking is actually a great stress reliever, according to studies even better than red wine!

4. Drying out your ears

If you get water in your ear, you can put a couple of drops of vodka in it to dry out the moisture. Although do not put in too much. Places a few drops onto a cotton ball and place it in your ear, though make sure to not place it deep in the ear canal.

5. Good for Arthritis

Studies have shown that vodka helps people suffering from arthritis conditions.

Vodka a day actually may keep the doctor away

6. Disinfecting your Toothbrush

First, give it a vigorous rinse with plain water, then soak the bristles in vodka for about 20 minutes. You would not believe how much junk can accumulate on your toothbrush over time!

7. Drying out Cold Sores

Dabbing alcohol on a cold sore is an often-cited home remedy as it helps to dry out the area.

A sculpture of a man with toothache. Wood engraving after Mr. Anderson. Pain. Contributors: Anderson (active 1880).

8. Soothing a Toothache

Vodka can be used to ease a toothache when applied topically. Soak a cotton swab and apply it directly to the toothache. And while you are at it you can also cure your bad breath.

9. Keep the Germs Away

You can use Vodka as a great solution for a home cleaner in order to kill germs and bacteria. Use 1 part of water for every 1/4 vinegar and 1/4 vodka.

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10. Good for your Health

Vodka has all sorts of benefits, from reducing fever and hypertension and diabetes to it being good for your heart, for arthritic conditions, and can aid in digestion.

Now before we say go ahead and drink as much as you want. Be sure to only drink in small quantities and together with a well-balanced diet. 


Vodka is a great way to get rid of unwanted bacteria in your home while also treating medical problems. It can be used topically or internally and has many benefits when; as it can be used for everything from cleaning surfaces to cold sores. So the next time you have a bottle of vodka, don’t just add it to your cocktail add it to your medicine cabinet too.

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