Write For Us

We are open to new writers and content creators that have a passion for outdoor and survival lifestyles. As an outdoor survival site, we would like to keep it that way, which means that we only take content that is related to the content that we publish on this site.

This includes anything related to:

  • survival
  • emergency preparedness
  • prepping
  • wilderness survival
  • hiking
  • camping
  • climbing
  • homesteading
  • etc…

This is not an exhaustive list, but just shows the type of content that we tend to accept. If you have a unique take on a topic that falls outside of this list then we are likely to accept it.

Some tips to getting published

  • Give a unique perspective: try and write from your own experience, if you do not really know what you are writing about, chances are your readers can tell
  • We are interested in articles that are 1000+ words long which we feel is just long enough to develop a story
  • We prefer that you contact us before submitting an article, as we like to ensure that the topic is relevant
  • We prefer that the articles are written in a easy-going conversational manner, have a look at the type of articles and the style that are published on our site
  • We do not allow self-promotion or brand promotion, affiliate links or any other kind of self-indulgent writing
  • We allow 1-2 links that can be used to refer back to your site

Why did I get rejected?

Chances are that if your article was not accepted is usually because there was not much substance to the article, that may have only been written to get a link back to your site.

Some of the most common reasons why articles are rejected are:

  • poor grammar
  • not follow our guidelines
  • overly promotional
  • the site has no depth

What we may do?

We may change and edit your article in order to better tell your story. We reserve the right to change and/or edit any part of the story along with the links once it is sent to us. We may also change the anchor text, and links that we feel they are too spammy, are promotional or do not go along with the topic.

After you submit

After we have agreed upon the title and the outline, it may take us a few days to a week to get back to. We need time in order to go through the article and see if it covers the topic thoroughly. We will be in touch if we feel that the article needs more work or if it’s ready to publish.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in then you can contact us at: