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THE SURVIVAL DOCTOR is dedicated to providing emergency medical, wilderness survival, and disaster preparation so that you can survive in any circumstance.

At The Survival Doctor, our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to stay safe and healthy in any emergency situation.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, everyone should have the tools to effectively handle and survive any circumstance. We provide expert guidance on emergency care and survival techniques, so you can survive anything life throws at you.

We also understand that emergency preparedness is not a one-time effort, it’s a continuous process. That’s why we stay on top of the latest in emergency preparedness and update our resources accordingly. We also encourage readers to get in touch if there is something they feel like they can contribute or if they have some feedback on something we wrote so that we can all learn from each other.

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT: We are devoted to crafting honest and reliable content that will provide you with the information you need so there’s no stress of sorting through useless material. When we do publish we try and cover topics we know you would love.

What was once a site totally dedicated to emergency medical, we have decided to branch out to other areas of pursuit that aligns with our expertise including hunting, wilderness survival, and emergency prep.

WHO WE ARE: The website was formerly run by James Hubbard a widely respected survival expert who grew the site for many years and is now retired from working on this site. He was able to grow this small humble website into a massive resource in the survival space. If you are interested in his book we highly recommend The Survival Doctors Complete Handbook which gives you a guide to survival medicine. We hope to be able to fill the shoes that he left behind. There is a small team taking over day-to-day affairs of the site going forward.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We are dedicated to helping all people–regardless of political alignment or faith–to be prepared. We aren’t here to spread partisan messages, but instead, invite everyone in without bias.

WHAT WE STAND FOR: We firmly stand by the idea that being prepared and self-sufficient is both a logical and responsible way to live. Unlike some who practice fearmongering, we don’t believe in exaggerating threats for attention or profit. It’s highly unlikely zombies will eat your face tomorrow, however, it does remain likely you’ll experience a car accident or natural disaster at least once in your lifetime.

SURVIVAL GEAR: At The Survival Doctor We are devoted to survival and outdoor gear; we have spent countless hours researching and testing the best equipment for our own adventures, have sorted through a ton of stuff, gotten recommendations, sourced products, and tested out as much as we could.

Our idea of reviewing products was that everything we write about should be something that we would actually use. When we started publishing reviews of outdoor gear we gathered a bunch of information about different types of gear from contacts, friends, forums, manufacturers, and from our own experience in testing the products. From there we hand-pick only the best. Most of our reviews are like this, but we also have some that focus on just one product.

INDEPENDENT: Our gear reviews are free of influence, and we never accept money for writing them. We honestly try and pick the best products out there rather than just products that are the highest price or ones that give us the best commissions.

We do not provide biased reviews to get free samples. We focus on providing you with useful information about the products that we try so that you can make a well-informed purchasing decision. Our honest opinions reflect our reader’s best interests and help them determine what product is right for them.

AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS: Here on our site, we do use affiliate links to earn a commission from certain purchases made by you. This does not add any additional cost for you as the reader and allows us to continue providing quality content that we are passionate about – all at no extra cost.

DISCLOSURE: We guarantee that the affiliate links we include on this website have absolutely no impact whatsoever on our reviews or recommendations. To demonstrate, some of our highest-rated products do not participate in any affiliate programs and so if you choose to buy them, we won’t receive a single commission!

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