Top 7 Best Climbing Sticks for Hunting in 2024

When you need the best climbing stick for your tree stand, quality, and performance matter. Make sure you’re climbing trees safely using these climbing sticks.

Are you the type of hunter who prefers to hang out in a tree stand waiting for prey to come your way? Using one of the best climbing sticks ensures you don’t end up in a precarious position when your weight is too much for a tall tree. Specially designed climbing sticks make it easier to get up in any tree so you can find wildlife and make a perfect shot.

The right climbing system tree attachment will take you right to your favorite hunting spot without danger of falling. However, choosing a brand that offers the best quality can be tricky. If you’re confused about whether to choose Muddy Pro Climbing Sticks or Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks, we have the answers you need. We’ve compiled a list of the best sticks to enjoy the best hunting experience.

Before we get into the details about features of the various climbing sticks on the market, take a moment to see the basic information about the seven we like the most.

Our Top Hunting Climbing Sticks: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Muddy Pro Sticks

Muddy offers one of the best climbing tools you can get your hands on today. Ideal for climbing trees of all different heights, it offers a solid aluminum construction and weighs in at 10 pounds. This model is easy to set up, and it can be used on both straight and crooked trees. This pack comes with four climbing sticks so you can make it far up into the trees to keep a watch on the game in the area.

This makes a great addition to your hunting gear without having the excessive weight of something like the Guide Gear 20. While the climbing sticks are easy to transport, they feature a weight capacity of 300 pounds to make an excellent tree attachment for any hunting spot. It uses a rope cam buckle made to work with a variety of tree stands.

When using these best climbing sticks, you can expect security since it offers built-in teeth that grip onto any tree you plan to use. Fastening the device to the tree takes truly little time, and the climbing sticks are designed to be quiet and smooth to avoid scaring off wildlife during your hunting experience. With the light weight, the easy set up, and the sheer silence of the climbing sticks, a lot is going for this model.


  • Stick design is only 10 pounds in weight but can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Can attach to a tree stand from various manufacturers for peace of mind
  • Offers tree steps that are entirely silent to set up and use in any environment


  • Some users have received climbing sticks with broken teeth and gears

Hawk Helium Climbing Stick

This climbing stick was created by Hawk Helium and features metal steps that are with a stable and durable design. These climbing tools have a light weight due to the design made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes transporting the climbing stick just as easy as you can expect set up to be. The package comes with three climbing sticks, each of which is under three pounds.

These tree steps have a silent design where they can snap together without noise that can alert wildlife you are in the area. They also offer a double step design that can be used for either side and teeth that bite into the bark for stability. The weight the climbing sticks can hold is 300 pounds, so nearly anyone can use them in any kind of tree.

Unlike Guide Gear ladders that act as tree braces, these climbing sticks are easy to move around whenever you like. Mobile hunters will appreciate the features that make set up and take down easier than ever. This brand of the climbing stick also has a wide bracket for your boots so you can make it up any tree without trouble. Your first step up onto the double steps will tighten the stick against the bark for stability.


  • Has a light weight while offering stability to individuals of up to 300 pounds
  • Climbing sticks have a durable aluminum construction with double step design
  • Can be used with a tree stand to reach the needed total height for shooting


  • Some users may find the climbing sticks are a bit too short

Lone Wolf Climbing Stick

This climbing system by Lone Wolf comes in a four-piece design that can fit a tree from four to 22 inches in diameter. The Lone Wolf climbing system can be used by individuals of up to 350 pounds of weight to reach a tree stand or other area. It can even mount directly onto an Alpha Hang On tree stand or an Assault tree stand for convenience during hunting.

The Lone Wolf climbing stick offers reversible double steps that are easy to get up and down. The climbing system is a lighter weight than a Guide Gear 20 or any of the bulkier options for getting into a tree stand. It features a stick design with ideal for climbing a tree and includes three steps on each stick. Lone Wolf also provides a package of three sticks so you can reach the total height of any tree.

One of the things that make the Lone Wolf a contender in the best climbing sticks is its innovative V-brackets that are made to match the contour of a tree. The distance between the steps on the stick equals 15 inches, so you can quickly scale up to a tree stand. With a light weight, a design with secure straps, and the potential to hunt from multiple steps, this climbing stick is a solid choice.


  • Three-piece climbing sticks have an easy to use design for beginners
  • Capable of handling a weight of 350 pounds through brackets and straps
  • The design allows attachment to some forms of stands for extra convenience


  • Some users find the straps too short on the climbing stick

XOP-Xtreme Outdoor Products Climbing Sticks for Treestands

As an alternative to a tree ladder like the Guide Gear 20, this best climbing stick from XOP has an aluminum construction to keep it light in weight. Instead of using straps like many climbing sticks, this model has a stick stacking system that is sturdy and reliable. The product includes a set of four climbing sticks, perfect for quickly getting up a tree. The steps are far enough apart that scaling a climb is easy, but not so far apart that it makes the process dangerous.

For those who need a climbing stick that works well with large boots, the brackets on the steps for this model are wide to offer more space between yourself and the tree. While straps aren’t needed to use the climbing sticks, the package does come with straps that will secure to any tree in the woods. The way the climbing sticks are designed lets you use up to four of them at the same time.

Some of the best climbing sticks fall short when it comes to weight and portability. That isn’t the case with this XOP set of climbing sticks, which can stack and attach to each other when you need to be on the move. As one of the best sticks on the market, use climbing is exceptional, and you can be sure you’re safe and secure on the tree steps.


  • The climbing stick offers a double step design for climbing trees or to stands
  • Products offer a longer arch and a stabilization bracket for safety and security
  • Features integration with XOP stands for more efficiency and convenience


  • Some people who use climbing sticks may prefer five sections of steps

Big Dog Hunting Hotfoot Climbing Stick

As the name might suggest, the Big Dog Hunting Hotfoot Climbing Stick has extra-wide steps and is quite long at 24 feet. It has a double step design with more than five sections to take you to the highest boughs of a tree. It’s made similarly to the well-known Guide Gear 20 since it can go way up into the tree without the use of straps like other climbing sticks.

When you want to take your climbing into the sky, this model will make sure you do just that. The step design is well engineered so you can quickly get up and back down as often as you need to. With a large number of steps to take you up, it offers fierce competition for Guide Gear items. It also has the strength to handle up to 300 pounds so anyone can use it.

This climbing stick offers angled steps that make it easier to handle climbing. Since it’s a ladder model without straps and extra pieces, it’s also one of the most comfortable climbing sticks to set up. Safe climbing is provided through extended braces, and the stick secures using looped buttons. If you are looking for a climbing stick with 15 steps to make things easy, make sure to consider this option for your needs.


  • Comes as a one-piece climbing stick with 15 steps and a height of 24 feet
  • Includes angled steps that make it easier and safer for climbing a tree


  • One of the most substantial climbing sticks and not the best for transport and travel

Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber

When you’re looking for the best climbing sticks, the M210 is one of the top tree climbing options. This climbing stick was explicitly created for hunters to offer safety and convenience. It’s one of the most enormous sticks at 20 feet in height and has more than five sections of steps to make use of. Those who want to set up the climbing stick on a large tree can do that with ease because of the seven-foot cam buckle.

This climbers stick is created to be durable and comes made of lightweight steel to last, even if you are up in a tree every day. It also offers plenty of space for your boots while climbing trees to hunt or do other things. The top step of the climbing stick is made so you’ll be just as secure with your head in the clouds as with your boots on the ground.

Since this climbing stick is so long, it does weigh more than some of the other options on our list. However, it offers convenience and safety that set it apart in other ways. It includes straps to keep it braced to a tree as you spend time climbing the multiple steps. For easy set up and low maintenance, this climbing stick is one of the best tree braces out there.


  • Includes everything you need to climb a tree from the sticks to the straps
  • Offers wide standoffs so you can take quick and secure steps up a tree
  • Made of quality materials for longevity and durability during regular use


  • Some might experience squeaking noises from the wind while in a tree

XOP-Xtreme Outdoor Products Bottomland Climbing Sticks LM04

The last of the best climbing sticks on our list is from XOP, and it’s the only choice with a Mossy Oak camo pattern applied to it. Mossy Oak is one of the most popular camo styles, and it adds a bit of stealth to your climbing stick if you are going to be hunting. This climbing stick has a sturdy single step design and an easy set up for all your climbing needs.

When you choose this climbing stick, you get a package of four of them, all with that same Mossy Oak pattern. If you’re worried about having enough room on the steps, you can relax since each one is wide and offers lots of space. This makes it easy to make sure you’re steady on your feet as you move higher into a tree. The climbing stick also has a sturdy top step for those who aren’t fans of heights.

Unlike some of the ladder-style climbing sticks, this model is lightweight and easy to move around. Each stick can be strapped onto a tree or users can make use of the lock system to bind each of the sticks together. If what you’re looking for is a sturdy camo design stick, this Mossy Oak option could be worth checking out.


  • Includes wide and deep standoff brackets for sure footing anywhere
  • Comes as a package of four climbing sticks to be used alone or together
  • Features heat-treated steel strap buttons for safety and durability


  • One bolt on the climbing stick has been known to break and prevent locking

Why You Might Want to Own a Climbing Stick

When you’re out hunting, having a climbing stick can offer a host of different benefits. Before we delve into the best features for one of these sticks, we want to talk about why you would want to purchase it in the first place. There are a handful of reasons that having one available can make hunting more convenient than average.

Better Level of Safety

One of the things that a climbing stick offers is better safety. After you have gone through the process of locking it onto a tree or stand, it will hold your weight and keep you steady. While tree steps are another option, they are also more likely to cause an injury. Setting up steps can also take more effort and concentration than using a stick. Go for the sticks if you want the best security when you’re up high.

Simple Setup and Use

When you’re setting up a climbing stick, there’s no need to purchase a bunch of additional parts or tools. Instead, the straps that most of them use make setting the device up easy so you can start climbing right away. Without the need to screw pieces into trees, there’s no need to carry around extra tools. Since there are fewer steps in set up, the process can be done more quickly with sticks than other options.

Friendly to the Great Outdoors

When compared to tree steps and other items, a stick is going to be more friendly to the environment. Steps will usually require screws and other parts to secure into a tree, while sticks only attach using a strap or a rope that doesn’t damage the trunk. If you want to ensure you leave your hunting spot looking as good as it did when you showed up, a climbing stick is the best option.

Different Types of Climbing Tools

When you want to do some climbing, there are a few options available for you. While we’ve talked at length about climbing sticks, knowing what other choices are out there can be useful. In fact, lots of people refer to all of the following items as hunting sticks, so you might as well know what the differences are:

  • Tree Steps – A tree step is a single step that is shaped like a Z, which is attached to a tree using straps, screws, or other parts. These tools come in individual units, so getting extremely far off of the ground will require purchasing several of them.
  • Ladders – Ladders are another choice that sticks to the tree itself and can be used on the steepest trees. However, these items can be more challenging to use for hunting than some of the other options you have available. They aren’t as portable as sticks, are more inconvenient, and may not be as stealthy around wildlife.
  • Sticks – We’ve gone over sticks in detail throughout this article, so you know the benefits and what they offer you when it comes to climbing. This is the best choice for someone who wants to quickly reach a high vantage point for hunting or other purposes.

Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing Climbing Sticks

At this point, you understand why a climbing stick is useful and may be interested in having one of your own. However, when you’re choosing the stick you want to use, there are many things you will want to consider first. While we go through the essential aspects of your stick, think about your priorities and what things are the most important to you when scaling trees.


There is a wide variety when it comes to the weight of climbing sticks on the market. Some of them are only a few ounces, while others might be more than 20 pounds. Think about how much weight is reasonable for you to handle when you need a tool like this one. Those who are going to be hiking out into the wilderness might not want something that’s going to get heavy fast. However, if you plan to use the stick in one location, this might not matter as much.

Our recommendation is choosing a lightweight model that is also strong enough to easily support you when you’re way up high. This gives you the option of moving to new locations if you aren’t happy with where you start off your hunting for the day.


As with weight, height can be a matter of personal preference to some extent. However, it should be considered when you’re looking for the best option for your needs. Think about how high you need to be off the ground and then consider whether the stick you’re interested in offers that ability.

Many out there will want to go with a tall stick that is somewhere between 20 and 25 feet tall, but others don’t mind shorter sticks or sticks that connect together to create whatever height you prefer. It’s also worth thinking about your skill level when it comes to climbing since you may not need the tallest stick you can find.


When we refer to the flexibility of a climbing stick, we’re talking about how easy it is to use it in the moment. The best stick is going to be highly flexible and offers you the chance to get up high without spending a lot of time doing it. Most people who are searching for sticks want to be able to get in a tree as soon as wildlife is spotted. If that’s something that matters to you, check on the quickness of set-up and how easy the device is to use.


When it comes to the components that make up a stick, the most important is likely the steps. These are what get you off the ground and support you until you reach the stand or branch that you’re climbing toward. Since most people who are using these sticks are doing so for hunting, wearing boots is part of the process. This makes it best to choose sticks with wide steps that are easy to stand on.

When you select more substantial steps, you’ll feel steadier and have less of a worry that you might fall from a great height. This creates a more comfortable environment and keeps your safety at the forefront of what you’re doing. You’ll be glad you chose a stick with the broadest possible steps.

Types of Materials

The material used to make climbing sticks has a considerable effect on how it is going to last. If you choose a stick that uses something durable like steel or quality aluminum, it might last through your entire lifetime. Since you don’t want to invest in one of these tools every year or two, this is an important consideration to keep in mind.

While a stick that is made of lesser materials might work for someone who only occasionally uses it, it’s going to wear out eventually. Those who plan to use the stick regularly will want to invest in something that will last longer instead of risking damage, which means the need to buy a new version.


Another thing that distinguishes good climbing sticks from great ones is how adjustable they are. For instance, some models let you attach them to trees in a variety of sizes, while others don’t quite hit the mark in that regard. If you decide to choose a stick that isn’t adjustable, you may limit your options when you go out hunting. This can be frustrating in the moment, so be sure you know what the stick is capable of and what it’s not.


The reason that portable climbing items are recommended is because you can more easily move them from place to place. This is most often the case with a lightweight model that is easy to carry around. However, determining how compact the stick is will also be necessary.

If you choose a stick that is too bulky, you’ll notice it’s harder to take from a location to another. Another thing to look for is the option to hook the stick to a backpack so you can carry it around without giving up the use of your hands. Another option is using a set of stick quivers to stack sticks on top of each other.

Level of Noise

Assuming you’re using a climbing stick for hunting, you already know that being silent is a priority. When you make any noises in the wilderness, animals can hear them and take off out of the area. This can result in a disappointing hunting trip, so quiet gear is something to seek out to help with this issue.

Take time to decide whether the climbing tool you’re considering is going to make extra noise. Many of them are created to be nearly silent to help with hunting, but some of them fall short. It’s essential to be aware of which you are purchasing so you don’t end up with something you can’t use the way you wanted.

Assembly Method

Some climbing tools are going to require a lot of assembly while others will not. Ladder style sticks are often the easiest to use, but they also happen to be the heaviest so it all washes out in the end. Most climbing sticks will be reasonably simple to set up, which is part of the appeal of them compared to other options. Check out how assembly works before you set your heart on a specific tool or another.

Frequently Asked Questions About Climbing Sticks

Even having knowledge of the most essential aspects of these tools doesn’t mean you won’t have any questions. That’s why we wanted to share a few of the most common questions and their answers so you can get all the information you need right here. If you have another question that isn’t answered here, feel free to leave it in the comments.

How Do You Take Climbing Sticks Up Into a Tree?

There are several options, but many hunters invest in a bag or caddy that can lift the sticks up into the tree. All of your equipment can be kept in a single place so you can easily find it when you need it. There are plenty of options out there, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

If you prefer not to spend extra money, you can also carry the items up with you. While you may have to make multiple trips, it won’t cut into your budget. Carrying two at a time is possible and can cut down on how much time it takes you.

How Can I Climb a Tree Using Climbing Sticks?

It’s easier than you might think. If you have a model with a strap, make sure you have it on when you use the stick. This will prevent you from falling and being injured in the process. Once you get everything assembled, all you have to do is make your way up the steps. Then you will want to secure the strap again and repeat the process as you continue to make steps up into the tree.

Keep in mind that some climbing tools have different components, so always check the user’s manual before using it. This will ensure you know how to get up a tree properly if some of the steps are different than they would be for a typical stick.

Which Climbing Sticks Are the Lightest?

If you’re focused on having a light option for climbing, there are plenty on the market. However, you want to be sure that the tool you choose isn’t lightweight because it uses shoddy materials. Selecting a quality model to climb trees will prevent you from challenges or falls during your hunting trip.

The lightest models on our list today is the Lone Wolf Climbing Stick, which comes in at well under a pound. It’s also made of top materials, so there’s no need to worry about how well it is going to work when you take it out into the woods. Many of the other models on our list are also lightweight and easily portable.

Are Climbing Sticks Safe?

Accidents are always possible when you spend time outdoors, but climbing devices are safe and can prevent accidents. However, it’s essential to look at various sticks to see which is the most reliable for you. Make sure it has a weight rating over your weight to avoid any unexpected problems while the device is in use.

It can also be a good idea to choose a stick with steps that are near each other, so you only have to make small steps. This also leads to less chance that you will fall when using the tool.

Can Climbing Sticks Be Made Quieter?

Sure! The noise from these tools can sometimes be distracting and annoying, so many hunters want to make them a bit quieter. Placing rubber onto the buckles is one option that will stop some of the clanking you experience. Adding rubber to the rope mode can also remove some of the noise these tools may create.

Wrapping Up

With all the different climbing sticks on the market, it’s not always easy to choose the model that is ideal for your needs. That’s why we’ve provided a selection of options that will appeal to a large number of people out there. However, when it comes down to the absolute top climbing tool, we have to give it to the Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber.

Not interested in a ladder style stick? Going for the Hawk Helium Climbing Stick might be the better choice. Both of these models offer a ton of excellent features that will serve you well when you want to do some hunting from up above wildlife. However, remember to take your personal priorities in mind when choosing the right option for yourself!

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