Top 9 Best Shooting Sticks for 2024

A shooting stick is a device for a hunter or target shooter that offers a space where a rifle or other firearm can be rested. The best shooting sticks on the market are created to provide top stability so you can ensure precise, accurate shooting every time. Anyone who has trouble holding a rifle or pistol still while in use will appreciate the help offered by one of these shooting tools.

Whether you are searching for shooting sticks for hunting or you have another need for this device, it can make life a lot easier. However, the process of going through the hundreds of these tools on the market can be challenging and overwhelming. That’s precisely why we came up with the top nine options out there, so you can easily find a solution that suits your needs.

We’ll talk about what makes each of these hunting tools unique and sets it apart from the competition. We’ll also go into detail on what factors go into the best shooting sticks, so you know what you’re looking for. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know exactly what will work for you so you can move forward with a purchase. But first, take a look at the details of the products we’ll explore below.

Our Top Shooting Stick Picks – Reviews and Comparisons

Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Series – Jim Shockey Tall Tripod

This V-yoke Primos shooting stick is made for hunting and offers solid construction with a stable frame even when it’s windy outside. It has a height ranging from 24 to 62 inches, so anyone can use it. This is an ideal model for someone who enjoys prone or standing shooting but may not be perfect for hunting from a sitting position.

It’s a lightweight model that is easy to get started with and is likely to stand the test of time. If you want a stable shooting option that is comfortable in most positions, you can’t do much better than this model. It also comes at a reasonable price point for those on a budget.


  • Simple to fold and unfold for quick deployment when tripod shooting
  • The V-yoke joint is tight and lets you pan over a long distance when shooting


  • Some find shooting stick is too large and long for secure storage and transport

Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Monopod Camo

When it comes to the best shooting sticks, the Primos Gen 3 Monopod offers some of the most stable shooting possible. Rather than having multiple legs, it only has one, which also means it can work as a walking stick. It has a height of 33 to 65 inches to make it versatile for various purposes.

This model can rotate 360 degrees so you can handle all your shooting with ease. There’s no need to move it around to turn into a new direction is an animal runs by. Also, it comes with the ability to secure items like scopes, laser range finders, and other mounted devices.


  • Features adjustable height for use with scopes, cameras, and binoculars
  • Includes a twisting handle and rotating yoke for quick shooting while hunting


  • Shooting stick isn’t strong enough to accommodate a large amount of weight

BOG DeathGrip Tripod

One of the best shooting sticks comes from BOG and offers the stability you need when out hunting. It includes lightweight aluminum legs that are durable while making the shooting stick easy to transport. Each of the legs is made to be adjustable, so you can set it up at the height you prefer, no matter what kind of environment you are in.

Other extras that come with this model include a bubble level, lever locks, and retractable steel spikes, so the item stays steady even in hectic situations. It can be used in sitting, standing, and kneeling positions for top versatility. It also pans 360 degrees, so you never have to move it around when hunting.


  • Features a shooting stick that is height-adjustable between seven and 59 inches
  • Low price point compared to other rangefinders


  • Some users have experienced issues with the DeathGrip mechanism

Vanguard Scout B62 Bi Pod with V Shaped Rotating Yoke

Another one of the best shooting sticks you could hope to find it from Vanguard and offers a solid construction. It’s simple to extend the legs while hunting so you can get it at the appropriate height for your needs. What sets it apart is that it can be used for hunting, hiking, or other outdoor purposes, so you get a lot of versatility.

Those who enjoy moving from one area to another while hunting will find this is a great choice. It doesn’t take up much space and is easy to setup. It also works for standing or kneeling so you can choose what works best for your style.


  • Features V-yoke that can rotate all the way around for help when hunting
  • Bipod legs can be quickly released so you can set up the V-yoke model quick


  • V-yoke shaped yoke needs to be used on level ground and can be stiff

Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Bipod Camo

This Primos shooting stick has a V-shaped yoke and adjusts from 24 to 61 inches, so it will fit anyone who wants to use it. This is one of the bipod models that offer a mixture of stability and easy transport so that it will meet the needs of most people out there. It has a heavy-duty look with earth accents to turn heads.

When you’re using this one of our best shooting sticks, safety is in mind. It offers a no-slip backbone along with a contoured grip for all the comfort you could want. It also comes with a new strong rotating joint, so panning around to find a target is smooth and easy.


  • Features a quick detach yoke system with an integrated lock for safety
  • Shooting stick can adjust from 24 to 61 inches for use in any way you want


  • Some users have experienced fragile legs when used out hunting

Vanguard Quest T62U Shooting Stick

No matter what shooting position you prefer, the Vanguard Quest T62U is here to help. What sets this apart from other best shooting sticks is that it can be used in three different ways. You can use it with a single leg, two of them, or three legs, so you get top-notch versatility based on your hunting style.

The yoke on this model is removable, and it also includes leg locks that are quick to use to get things set up. It features a set of rubber fins that secure your rifle so you can get the perfect shot. It also offers extra comfort through foam hand grips, so you don’t need to worry about fatigue.


  • U-shaped yoke acts as a bipod, monopod, or a tripod depending on need
  • Shooting stick is made out of a lightweight material for easy transport


  • Might not always be the most stable for use when you are on uneven ground

BOG Pod CLD Camo Shooting Rest

If you enjoy long-range hunting fun, this shooting stick has plenty going for it. It has a height of 22 to 68 inches and is lightweight enough to lug around with you wherever you go. It also includes inch markers on the middle legs so you can easily hit the height you want and get started with using your rifle.

This tripod shooting stick comes with extras like an Allen wrench and a carrying bag for even more convenience when you need it. For additional stability, it offers foot spikes while the shooting rest can move all the way around so you can hit your target even when it runs.


  • Shooting stick is very lightweight and can turn 360 degrees for hunting needs
  • Includes one carrying bag and Allen wrench for assistance with adjustments


  • Some people have experienced malfunctions with the platform on top

Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Short Tripod

One of the best long-distance options for spending time with your rifle is the Primos Gen 3 Short Tripod. It comes from a company that is known for offering high-quality hunting products that last. This is an adjustable model that can go from 18 to 38 inches, depending on your needs. It has three legs, so it offers the utmost stability.

This model has a yoke system that includes an integrated lock so you can quickly get your gun ready and take a shot. It also has smooth panning to make it easier to find a target in the wild. This is the lightest option on our list and can be transported without breaking a sweat.


  • Features adjustability to sit, stand, or kneel while you take shots when hunting
  • Offers a higher level of stability than most models and is easy to use


  • Some users have experienced issues with glue coming off to release the legs

Leader Accessories Aluminum Alloy Shooting Stick

The last shooters stick we’re talking about is from Leader Accessories and offers a V-shaped yoke for rifle stability. The way it is designed lets you rotate it 360 degrees so you can always take the exact shot that you want. It has an extensive adjustment range from 19 to 63 inches to fit any user perfectly in their preferred style.

There is a soft foam on the handgrips to keep things stable and be comfortable to use. Also, this is an item that can be used as a monopod or bipod when you are hunting in different situations. It’s easy to adjust and simple to use, even for a beginner.


  • Features a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • Easy to adjust into various heights for standing, kneeling, and sitting


  • Some users have found it hard to communicate with the manufacturer

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Shooting Sticks

Before we go into the details about features of shooting sticks for hunting, first, you should know what types and styles of shooting sticks are available. If you are going to be hunting with the shooting stick, keep in mind that having it with you can help remove some of the human error associated with using a rifle or other firearm.

If you’re in the middle of an adrenaline rush or shaking a bit from a long day, shooting sticks are the best option to stop any movement that isn’t necessary. However, depending on the situation you find yourself in, the best shooting tripods for you might vary.

  • Monopod Shooting Sticks – This shooting stick has a single pole that can often be extended for more height. It works well when you want mobile shooting sticks for hunting that can travel with you over long distances. Transporting it is simple, but it can have a bit more of a wiggle than other shooting sticks.
  • Bipod Shooting Sticks – With a bipod shooting stick, it has two legs. It’s more stable than a monopod but can be more substantial and more complex to use. A bipod is often used for those who are varmint hunting, practicing on targets, or shooting over a long-range. The height is usually adjustable on this model, too.
  • Tripod Shooting Sticks – As expected, this type has three different legs instead of one leg for a monopod or two legs for a bipod. These are usually adjustable height and have the best stability. The extra legs make it a bit more difficult to transport than other shooting sticks for hunting.

Consider how many legs you need for the top results when choosing between shooting sticks. If you’re someone who moves around a lot while hunting, a single leg might be okay. Other people might want additional legs to avoid extra movement. There is no wrong answer; you just need to think about yourself and how many legs work best.

Components of Shooting Sticks to Understand

When you want shooting sticks for hunting or want to play some shooting sticks games, you need to know the parts to get the best option. Those who only use the device on occasion might not need all the extra bells and whistles, while those who are avid hunters might want the best there is. A few of the components you should know about with shooting sticks include:

  • Adjustments – There are all sorts of dials, knobs, and levers that can be on shooting sticks to let you adjust them. Some shooting sticks for hunting allow you to do everything from rotating the head to extending the legs for comfort and accessibility. Those who don’t plan to make significant changes may not care as much about these things.
  • Head Attachments – Some of the best options in shooting sticks offer multiple uses so you can get the most out of your money. You’ll find shooting sticks that can attach other items on the yoke. This can be used for everything from cameras to range finders, spotting scopes, and binoculars. Decide if this is something you need on your new shooting stick.
  • Range of Movement – Range of movement refers to how adjustable the shooting stick is. The way that you choose to hunt will help you decide which option is right for you in this regard. For example, someone using a ground blind might find non-adjustable shooting sticks more trouble than they are worth.
  • Rotation – After you have placed your rifle into the shooting stick, you want to be able to rotate if an animal runs away. If you have to readjust everything first, this can lead to missing a target. However, many shooting sticks turn up, down, and to the side, so you can get the shot off without any trouble.
  • Yoke – The yoke is the area of the device that holds your firearm off the ground. Many of them are U- or V-shaped, so you can drop in a weapon to take a quick shot. Some have ribs to offer extra steadiness when you shoot, while other shooting sticks have a bag yoke, which is similar to a sandbag to hold the stock of a rifle.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Shooting Stick

Now that you understand the features and types of shooting sticks, you may want to know what other facets you should consider before making a purchase. Below we’ll share some of the most crucial things to consider when you select from several shooting sticks.


How adjustable you want your tool will be based on your preferences. Some people don’t mind repositioning between shots; others prefer to use a dial to adjust things more quickly. However, keep in mind that being able to make tiny adjustments with your off-hand as you prepare to shoot can help keep your movement down for accuracy.


Another thing to consider is durability and whether your tool is going to stay together for years to come. The material is going to have an influence on whether this is true or not. Since hunting can lead to abuse of equipment, choosing high-quality materials is a good choice. Aluminum is considered a good option since it’s lightweight but won’t get banged up as quickly as some shooting sticks on the market.


The type of shooting you’ll be doing is going to affect what features matter most to you. Those shooting far away might be okay with fewer adjustments since you’re farther away and can do some walking. Those who are up close and personal might instead choose something with extra adjustments since any noise can send game running away from you.


There are two things to keep in mind when thinking about the weight of your new hunting tool. The first is that the heavier it is, the most stable it is going to be when you are using it. However, a lighter model might be more appropriate if you’re going out for an entire day and will need to carry the item around. Think about your needs when choosing between one heavy option and another that is much lighter.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what the best shooting sticks are and what you’re looking for in one, you’re ready to find the right model for your needs. These tools can be used to help steady your hand and keep the rifle right where you want it anytime you need to do some shooting. Shooting sticks can be used for hunting, target practice, or any other kind of shooting you do.

The truth is that the best model for you is going to vary based on your needs. However, the shooting sticks we’ve mentioned above are some of the top options you can find. Even if you don’t see the perfect shooting stick above, you now have the information you need to dig in and decide which one it is. Once you have it, you may be surprised by how much of a difference it can make.

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